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  1. Oldgateboatdriver

    What if....A Super disaster? Impact on Canada or the world? Napkin speculation

    Nice Armyrick, but your scenario has already been played: Go watch this movie: 2012 (film) - Wikipedia
  2. Oldgateboatdriver

    GBAD - The return of 'FOBS'

    My point about the choke points was only that this thread deals with continental missiles defence. With your plan using bubles of defense at the sites of important targets, I was trying to figure out why we would have anything sit at those choke points for that purpose only of missile defense...
  3. Oldgateboatdriver

    GBAD - The return of 'FOBS'

    Kirkhill, what can possibly be the point for air defense of your CSC "patrols" of choke points such as Cabot Strait, Strait of Belle-Isle, Juan de Fuca Strait, and both ends of the North West Passage? Do you actually expect our potential ennemies will somehow try and sneak a cruise missiles...
  4. Oldgateboatdriver

    A Deeply Fractured US

    Except when they reject the will of the people as expressed by Parliament on the basis of very fuzzy concepts like "bringning the administration of justice into disrepute" or "cruel and unusual punishment" for which they somehow set themselves up as sole judge in place of the people or without...
  5. Oldgateboatdriver

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    Fishbone: A black diamond is (suposedly) the hardest slope to ski - the ones for advanced skiers. In Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia, we consider an Ontario black diamond to be the kiddie slope fro beginners. ;)
  6. Oldgateboatdriver

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    Oh! All sorts of things, from mediterranean moorings in harbours where you can only put your stern to the wharf, to actual mooring (anchoring with two anchors spread so you middle the two) in a narrow bay or harbour, to using them to manoeuver off a wharf or jetty in bad wind condition, to...
  7. Oldgateboatdriver

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    Wait aminute. Are we actually going back to two anchors ?
  8. Oldgateboatdriver

    A Deeply Fractured US

    Well, I certainly have an opinion on this, as do most of us here, and we are free to express that opinion. But, when the decision has no application whatsoever for Canadians, there are some people who are NOT entitled to express their opinion. First among these is our Prime Minister. His job is...
  9. Oldgateboatdriver

    First navy Meteorological Technician sails

    Wait until you fly off an AOPS in the Arctic, where weather forecast's validity is calculated in minutes. ;)
  10. Oldgateboatdriver

    First navy Meteorological Technician sails

    It's not like ships are bereft of meteorological ressources when no Met Tech is embarked. First of all, it's important to recall that the Met Techs were embarked, originally, on ships that carried aircrafts - the DDH's - only, hence their being from the RCAF. For instance, the IRE's and...
  11. Oldgateboatdriver

    Surface Warfare Officer badge

    Or perhaps you're looking at an unlucky engineering Commander who had more than his/her fair share of sea tours. :)
  12. Oldgateboatdriver

    The USN's Blue Water Navy - The LCS as A-10

    No we didn't. We led the world with the idea. HMCS BRAS D'OR was decommissioned two years before they even started to build the Pegasus class in the US. They were also not developped for the same purpose. The american PGM were meant to go after Soviet patrol vessels. The Bras D'or class was...
  13. Oldgateboatdriver

    Surface Warfare Officer badge

    No idea what type of animal that is but it is definitely not a ship's crest. Besides, we don't wear ship's crest with the DEU, and admirals don't have a ship that they wear the crest of anyway as they are not considered ship's company, even when embarked.
  14. Oldgateboatdriver

    Royal Navy trials using commercial tankers to sustain fleet

    Let's be clear here: First, we are not talking about commercial tankers deploying with the Navy on regular ops, but being available for these types of refueling ops in cases of actual war or near war increased tempo ops, as was done for the Falkland war. Second, we are not talking about...
  15. Oldgateboatdriver

    A "The Queen's" Battery

    Ah! But does she read emails when she is only c.c'd? I usually throw mine in the waste basket :unsure:
  16. Oldgateboatdriver

    A "The Queen's" Battery

    First of all, congratulation! and Ubique! But call me finicky: The highet signatory on thta document is a BGen. Shouldn't there be some formal document signed by HM the Queen that grants the honour somewhere?
  17. Oldgateboatdriver

    Acting Chief of Military Personnel on Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture Change Short-Term Initiatives

    I am with EITS on this one. While I don't believe in any organized religion (or any at all, actually), as DO, XO or CO, I have found that any time a Padre came round and said "Do you think we could chat for a moment" or words to that effect, it was well worth my time to clear the time needed...
  18. Oldgateboatdriver

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    I think the starting point for any decision on defence spending has to begin (and end?) with the informal bargain that was struck with the US at the start of WW2: (I am paraphrasing) By the US: We will not tolerate any invasion of the Canadian territory; By Canada: we will do all that is in our...
  19. Oldgateboatdriver

    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    Just a small point of info, EITS. I don't know if urban legends have developped aroud the air contribution to GW1, but at the time: (1) the CF-18 were six and seven year old state of the art fighters; and, (2) they carried out their primary task, which was one of various primary tasks of the...
  20. Oldgateboatdriver

    Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship AOPS

    Nice little video from the home office. How many people will see it? But, considering it is the first such circumnavigation of North America in quite a while by a canadian governement vessel, why was no ENG team invited with "unpecedented access" (especialy considering nothing really classified...