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  1. gordjenkins

    WW2 Holland

    Does anyone know where in Holland this Canadian hospital was located WW2 -was asked bt  Dutch friend gordjenkins@gmail.com
  2. gordjenkins

    Book of Rememberance Vol 7

    The following information is needed to complete Vol 7 of the Official Book of Rememberance - kept in Peace tower Parliament Buildings Ottawa - haave had no luck through "Official channels" 3 October 1954 104 Communications Flight, RCAF Station St. Hubert.  DFS 093-1526 file indicates that when...
  3. gordjenkins

    Books -Regimental Histories for sale

    Still downsizing and still have some good books yet to sell -prices lower than any dealers!!:>) gordjenkins@sympatico.ca Regimental Histories • The Patricias. The Proud History of a Fighting Regiment (ISBN: 0773732985 / 0-7737-3298-5) Bercuson, David J.  $35  • Once a Patricia - Memoirs of a...
  4. gordjenkins

    DHC Caribou Aircraft

    Does anyone know if there is a DHC Caribou still flying in Canada - or in a museum in Canada - or in storage even -in Canada ?? Anywhere in Canada there has to be one !! (DHC-4 Caribou (known in the U.S. military as CV-2 and C-7 ) gordjenkins@gmail.com www.115ATU.ca
  5. gordjenkins

    RCAF Roundels

    FOR SALE RCAF Roundels I have a complete collection of the Royal Canadian Air Force Roundels for sale - From Volume 1 Number 1 1948 till last issue Volume 17 No 5 June 1965. The first 6 years are bound - the last years in folders. There are probably only a few complete collections in Canada and...
  6. gordjenkins

    UN Buffalo aircraft #461

    NINE Canadian UN Peacekeepers were killed when a Canadian UN Buffalo aircraft #461 was shot down over Syria on 09 AUG 1974. This is the largest single loss of Canadians on UN duty to date in Canadian History. A Buffalo aircraft is being restored in the UN markings of BUFFALO 461 by a...
  7. gordjenkins

    Military Books for sale -mostly Canadian

    I am downsizing from house moving into an apartment. I have over 800 military books of which this winter I have catalogued 600 to date using prices on Antiquarian Book dealer website - www.abebooks.com   aka "Abe " (I am working on the other 200!) The books are all hardcover -have been...
  8. gordjenkins

    Buffalo 461

    Buffalo 115461 (Buffalo 461) was shot down over Syria on 09 August 1974 resulting in the deaths of nine Canadians. A replica is being restored in Hamilton - but there does not appear to be any clear photos of 461 before. Does anyone have a photo or slide please. A clear photo would help the...
  9. gordjenkins

    Cdn Army in Germany

    This website might be of some importance for our Army Veterans that spend their time in Germany. If you click on the guest book, you might find some of your friends. They have 38 pages of them!! Possibly some areas ot faces or names are familiar here. http://ruhrmemories.ca/4cibg/
  10. gordjenkins

    UNEF 1 History

    I am writing a history of Canada and UNEF 1.  Right now I am bogged down with the RCAF contribution - specifically anything -photos /stories/history of 115 ATU RCAF based at El Arish . I will be willing to trade story for story and picture for picture - particularly  photos of the UN " white...
  11. gordjenkins

    Canadian Medals of Valour

    I am doing some military research on a WW2 veteran and am trying to find out if and when he won the Military Medal. This brought me to a broader question- is there a List readily accessible on the Web of Canadians who have won Medals of Va lour such as VC/MC/MM etc???
  12. gordjenkins

    DIEPPE RAID 65 Anniversary

    CORRECTION DATE is 19 AUGUST at 11 a.m. National War Memorial  not 29 August There will be a 65th Anniversary Dieppe Raid Commemorative Ceremony at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on August 29th Sunday 11 a.m. If you are a Dieppe vet and live in National Capital Region particularly an...
  13. gordjenkins

    Canada's New Counterinsurgency Strategy Manual

    Following closely behind their counterparts in the United States and Britain, Canada's Department of National Defence is preparing a comprehensive counter-insurgency field manual for its soldiers and officers. http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle.cfm?SectionID=102&ItemID=12444 and...
  14. gordjenkins

    The Red Ensign and Historical Canadian Flags thread

    Why all this hand wringing about Red Ensigns and Vimy. First of all no Canadian flags were carried during the Vimy battle or on the battlefield. Even Regimental Colours were not carried - - the only exception being the PPCLI  but I suspect the colours were left back at RHQ! Secondly in 70...
  15. gordjenkins

    Did I subscribe or not??

    It is not clear on web page(s) how to become "member" or subscribe I just ordered a www.Army.ca   T-shirt trying to become member /subscribe to this excellent web page Keep up excellent web work gordjenkins gordjenkins@sympatico.ca Edit to topic title: Vern
  16. gordjenkins

    Veterans Affairs Canada - have they lost their way?

    I have NOT submitted this letter -I want to know if it is just me having trouble with Veterans Affairs Canada before I submit Comments please..anyone else ?? DRAFT Minister Where there is smoke there is fire - in USA Veterans Admin and Veterans Affairs Canada A couple of for instances ...
  17. gordjenkins

    Canadian Army - when did it start?

    "THE CANADIAN ARMY" Simple question really - when did "Canadian Army" start ??-  Jack Granatstein in his book Canada's Army 2002 UTP 520pp  on page 27 states".. in 1883 when a new (Canadian ) Militia Act authorized the establishment of a regular troop of cavalry and three regular...
  18. gordjenkins

    Canadian Jewish infantry company WW 1

    Check out http://www.medalsofwar.com/badge_html/cww1/cef6.html -on that site for sale is a cap badge for "C.E.F. 6-2, 1st Jewish Infantry company cap badge Price: $575.00 Canadian " Has anyone heard of this Jewish WW 1 Infantry Company ???
  19. gordjenkins

    Gord O'Connor Report Card

    :cdn: Question 1  What is your opinion about NOT lowering flags on Canadian Federal Buildings when a Canadian soldier has fallen  agree/disagree Question 2   What is your opinion on NOT allowing media into CFB Trenton when the Fallen Soldier arrives back in Canada  agree/disagree Question 3...
  20. gordjenkins

    WW 1 Battalion Numbers

    In WW1 Col Sam Hughes did away with the Regt Names and assigned numbers to Battalions example 4 Bn was primarily Central Ontario and so on - Has anyone a complete list of all theCanadian  Battalions created and where they were from? And a more difficult question do all have written...