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  1. McG


    This is weird. Craiyon, formerly DALL-E mini
  2. McG

    CAF Aviators needing homes sent to Habitat for Humanity.

    This is going to go well. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/canadian-military-habitat-for-humanity-suggestion-1.6463424
  3. McG

    After SSE - Canada’s next defence policy

    https://globalnews.ca/news/8827050/canada-military-more-assertive-cyberspace/ It seems a more aggressive cyber policy and possibly continental missile defence are in Canada’s future. I hope the next policy is also a little more prescriptive on required capabilities and that it steers the CAF...
  4. McG

    Putin’s Lebensraum

    Yale professor, Jason Stanley, makes the argument that Putin is twisting the Russian identity to enable the same sorts of horror and genocide that the Nazis inflicted on Europe...
  5. McG

    Four RMC cadets killed in vehicle accident on campus

    Sad news. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/four-royal-military-college-cadets-killed-in-kingston-ont-incident-1.5881817
  6. McG

    RMC - bachelor straight into master program

    I have seen a few incidents of RMC ROTP students who are kept at the college after graduation to complete a masters degree before heading to a first real posting. These are not individuals who were kept in the education system because they needed to do something while waiting for a spot in the...
  7. McG

    War Gaming & Sid Meier’s Civilization

    War gaming can be an excellent tool for training, learning, and practice. But a game can also teach and reinforce bad lessons. Designing a good war game to train and exercise military staff is probably harder than designing a game to entertain (harder still would be designing the game that does...
  8. McG

    Canadian Sappers deploy to assist Iqaluit against water contamination problems

  9. McG

    GOFO promotions and postings 2018

    I hear the message is out.  Does anyone have the text?
  10. McG

    Russian market explosion with casualties - 27 Dec 2017

    Have seen this on a few French media already, but nothing English language yet. http://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1075229/une-explosion-dans-un-commerce-fait-plusieurs-blesses-en-russie
  11. McG

    RAND: Rethinking US Force Structure

    https://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/research_reports/RR1700/RR1782/RAND_RR1782.pdf I have only gotten through the summary so far, but this has the potential to be interesting and maybe to offer a few insights relevant to Canadian Force structure considerations. Figured I would drop the...
  12. McG

    Millennials leading increased Remembrance Day attendance

    Millennials are leading the stats suggesting more Canadians will attend Remembrance Day ceremonies this year. And CAF speaking programs may be a contributing factor. Good.  http://torontosun.com/news/national/millennials-most-likely-to-attend-remembrance-day-ceremonies-poll It seems that some...
  13. McG

    Guardian is coming - New Human Resource Management System for the CAF

    I have heard that Guardian will debut before the calendar year ends.  With all the success the federal government has had with the roll-out of major new software systems, I am a little concerned.  It has also been quite some time (at least a few years) since I have seen any formal presentation...
  14. McG

    The future of Turkey in the EU and NATO

    Here is an opinion that I have seen dropped in a few different threads and discussions relating to Turkey.  What should be the present day state of relations between Turkey and the west?  Certainly, its role in containing Russia would be as relevant to present day NATO as back though the Cold...
  15. McG

    Canadian Budget 2017

    They are increasing alcohol tax!?  That is mean.
  16. McG

    Why is 21 EW Sqn not part of JSR?

    I would guess it is because the Army did not want to let those toys be moved out of its sandbox. 
  17. McG

    Canadian Values do not include Canada for younger generation

    The article is a lot of opinions, but the poll data on which it was based offers a potentially disturbing statistic.  http://infogr.am/a338beaa-2a13-4663-9894-3ade1151aa41 If younger generations are increasingly less inclined to feel an emotional attachment to the country, is that a national...
  18. McG

    Army.ca call to action - Enabling prospective recruits to search

    The site's recruiting wiki is in a pretty poor state.  No narrative to guide visitors, and a small shopping list of links to other hollow wiki pages. http://army.ca/wiki/index.php/Recruiting Now, the CAF recruiting has a pretty decent site and we do not need to emulate that here.  But, people...
  19. McG

    Defence Infrastructure Failing for Lack of Investment

    So here is what spending only 1% of GDP gets for defence.  Guess we must wait and see what the new Real Property Operations Units are able to do to for improvement, but I will remain skeptical until they show they can make a difference on the same little old budget...
  20. McG

    Desexualized clothing instructions fail for gender specific directions

    Looks like an Air Cadet Corps has gotten itself in some hot water and garnered ministerial level attention for what was intended to be instructions to desexualize the clothing cadets choose to wear for training.  The criticism is accurate.  If one does not want to see people's underwear hanging...