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  1. WrenchBender

    Questions for Posties

    A couple of questions for the posties on here, specifically how mail to KAF is handled. Why does it take so long for mail to arrive in KAF from Belleville/Trenton ? Tracked mail from home to Belleville/Trenton- 2 days, from there to KAF/Company office 17+ days. It can't be lack of Aircraft, I...
  2. WrenchBender

    VR while on Accommodation

    Somewhat of a silly question, I am currently on an accommodation (expires 2011) and just received a significant job offer outside the military. If I retire to take this position will me release article be 3b or 4a ? I'm drafting my memo and want to use the correct ref. WrenchBender
  3. WrenchBender

    Typo in Calendar Section

    In the below calendar entry: 1940: HMS DIANA, a British destroyer is recommissioned as HMCS MARHAREE after a lengthy refit at the Albert Docks in London, UK. This is to replace the loss of HMCS FRASER sunk off the Brittany coast in a collision with a British freighter in June. I believe it...