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  1. Jed

    Political Correctness

    Attached is a link to a meme that implies that Political Correctness (PC) has been a good thing for Society. What are your thoughts? https://www.facebook.com/DismantleMisogyny/photos/a.208944692619207.1073741828.208674125979597/623796777800661/?type=3 Personally, I think that PC is...
  2. Jed

    Photo required for Cenotaph Art

    Good Day, I hope I have this in the right category. Mods please move as required. We are working on a Cenotaph and I would like to to depict a more modern soldier in the art work. What I am looking for is (ideally) a Canadian Soldier, in combats, dressed in a flak jacket / load carrying vest...
  3. Jed

    Its all Greek to Quebec

    An article from the Calgary Herald dealing with equalization payments between the Feds and the provinces. Please repost in the correct spot if I have not done this correctly. I am interested in the opinion of the more financially astute folks on this forum as to the validity of this position...
  4. Jed

    CRA & "the infantry is for the young" (from: Cutting the CF/DND HQ bloat)

    Well so much for looking after your loyal troops as they age. I guess you only need the old guys 'in case of war'.  Personally I never thought I would have to worry about life after 50 but life plays funny tricks. You too will be there someday and I bet you take on a whole new perspective. ;)
  5. Jed

    Website with Class B advertised positions

    Does anyone have a link to a non DND restricted web page that lists the available Class B positions and requirements? Thanks in advance, I hope I have this in the correct locations.
  6. Jed

    The Defence Minister's viewpoint on the Military Budget

    Military Budget: Minister Graham The Defence Minister has commented on Sen Kenny's report on the Military budget inadequacies and his view point is expressed below: Coverage stated that Defence Minister Bill Graham rejected a Senate report which called for more than doubling the Canadian...
  7. Jed

    Civilians on the Battlefield

    Seeing as I am about to take up new tasks at CMTC wrt COB, does anyone in this forum have a burning question or a point of view that they want to bring forward concerning collective training and how the CF should employ COB for maximum training value ?