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  1. IRepoCans

    Any recommended reading for amphibious operations/forces

    As the title states I am looking for reading material on amphibious operations and forces; the material can range from scholarly publications to personal memoirs. I would prefer it not to be on special forces, however, I am aware that the distinction between special and regular forces was quite...
  2. IRepoCans

    IRepoCans --> Ó Donnghaile

    I'd like to think I grew out of that old handle since I haven't been on here for quite some time, as long as it poses no issues.
  3. IRepoCans

    Four US Servicemen killed in Kandahar Province

    Rest in peace warriors, More at: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/07/world/asia/afghanistan-coalition-soldiers-killed.html?_r=1& Jack Murphy at SOFREP says they are Rangers and Enablers:
  4. IRepoCans

    Looking for a non-fiction novel for English Seminar/Essay

    Well as the thread title says, I'm looking for a non-fiction novel for my English course which I have to make a period long presentation and write a short essay on afterward. I can't use biographies unless they're biography/memoir is based more or less around a idea/theory which I can make into...
  5. IRepoCans

    Canadian Special Operations Forces Combat Action Afghanistan, May 7th 2011

    Sounds like one hell of a incident and luckily no one was hurt, seems like the same action that the CSOR medic recently received commendation for.
  6. IRepoCans

    My plan

    Well as some of you know that I'm planning to enter the CF as a full-time Medical Tech, I've been working out how exactly to do that; via the NCM SEP, go to school get the diploma and PCP cert then apply, direct entry out of secondary school or lastly apply for a Reserve position whilst I attend...
  7. IRepoCans

    Designing your own equipment do people actually do it?

    So I've heard some stuff from reservists from my area that a few people run homegrown chest rigs, packs the whole nine yards. I think its a pretty cool idea to design a piece of kit that could allow you to do a job more effectively as long as no regs are breached of course. So my question is do...