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  1. meni0n

    CFSA , PSSA and a medical release

    So I've gotten some good advice from someone on this forum with regards to my situation but I would like to post this just to see if someone here knows about a policy as I am unable to locate anything. So here goes. Please bear with me, this might be a bit complicated. Have about 14 years in...
  2. meni0n

    NES while waiting for med release

    So got very restrictive MELs and waiting for hear from D Med Pol for a very possible med release. Been going to the reserve unit at least one parade night a month given that I cannot attend weekend exercises and such. Last parade night I attended was in end of Jan. Now got an email stating that...
  3. meni0n

    No sign in until whmis done

    A reserve unit's Adj decided that no member can sign in for pay until their WHMIS training is complete. That means that anyone that comes in for parade can't sign in until they compete the training on their own time? Is that even possible? Sent from my LG-H873 using Tapatalk
  4. meni0n

    Transfer pension to PSSA and CT to reserves

    So let's say a member is releasing with about 14 years of service, but he will be CTing to the reserves. The member will also begin working at an indeterminate position with the Public Service on the following day after his release. Will it be possible to roll the pension to the Public Service...
  5. meni0n

    Confused, OC recommendation based on medical

    So I had a situation that confused me a little bit this morning. I have been put on a geographical TCat for a medical issue last Fall and recently gotten a concussion during a unit sports day and got put on two weeks of half days due to the symptoms. I was called into the OC's office, he had a...
  6. meni0n

    Gyms in the NCR

    Has anyone had any issues accessing gyms in the NCR? I live in Gatineau and work is at the other side of Ottawa so I decided to go to the gym closest to my house. Was told at the National Printing Bureau the gym is only for members of the building. Had no issues getting access to the gym at...
  7. meni0n

    Booking room in Quebec city

    Was thinking of going to visit Quebec City with the wife this summer and was wondering if it's still possible to book a room on base or at the citadel. Do I just call the R&Q section in Valcartier?
  8. meni0n

    meni0n --> DepODSRep

    meni0n --> DepODSRep
  9. meni0n

    Promotion freeze

    CM meeting prior to Christmas had about 40 new MCpl promotion forecasted. Officially been told that 50 MCpl positions have been downgraded to Cpl so no promotions this year and next year looks pretty bleak as well. Anyone else have this happened to yet?
  10. meni0n

    Sent on exercise in old trade

    Good day, I have a question, I've done a OT in 2009 and have been waiting to go on course. I've been attach posted to my old position while I am waiting to get on course. I have been informed I will be on exercise next week in my old trade's position. Given that I am no longer in that trade...
  11. meni0n

    Sling recommendation

    Could someone recommend a sling to purchase. I am looking for a preferably padded sling that can be used with either a C7A1 and A2 without any necessary adapters and quick to install/takeoff. I've been to a few kit sites but it's hard to tell if the slings needs a adapter or not. The only one I...
  12. meni0n

    attach posting length

    Does anyone know if an attach posting works like a TD where if it's longer than a year it has to become a actual posting or is it under a different set of rules?
  13. meni0n

    Fireman Carry replaced by Casualty Drag

    As per CANLANGEN that came out this week, as of April 2010 the fireman carry is to be replaced by a 25m drag of a person weighting no less than 70kg by the tacvest. To be done on a grass surface.
  14. meni0n

    RMC BMASc vs Athabasca University

    I already have an approved ILP for Athabasca and was planning to start taking courses this year. I've noticed that their PLAR process is pretty complicated and then someone mentioned RMC to me. After going thru the web site and talking to someone at admissions it seems the PLAR process is much...
  15. meni0n

    Problem with CoC before posting

    I am posted on 21 October and the CoC got the request for me to go on a DIT this coming monday about 5 days ago but I have not received the signed document back nor any response to my inquiries about it. My Mcpl sent an email that was read but have not been answered. It`s a good thing I didn`t...
  16. meni0n

    Ontario cpl net pay

    Good day, Can a Cpl 0 or 1 from Ontario please post or PM me their take home net pay. I'm getting posted from a PLD area in Quebec to Kingston and would like plan my budget accordingly. Thanks in advance
  17. meni0n

    Qualifications badges

    Did a search couldn't find anything. Once you OT, do you take the old trade qualification badge off the DEUs? I am looking at probably at least a year being on BTL due to mute response of CoC on upgrading security clearance for course so I'll probably be at some parades and christmas dinner for...
  18. meni0n

    OT candidates course loading

    When an OT message states "Although CF will make every effort to have the candidate formally trained and qualified in the new MOSID as quickly as possible..." does that mean that you have priority to get course loaded or do you go back at the end of line along with newly graduated recruits?
  19. meni0n

    BILL C-201 RCMP/Military Pensions passes second reading

    Military/RCMP Veterans Against Annuity Benefit Reduction at age 65 May 14, 2009 Subject: 2nd Reading Bill C-201 Dear Supporters and Friends, We are pleased to announce that under the Leadership of Mr. Peter Stoffer, MP the motion of Bill C-201 was carried. (139 Yeas, 129 Nays) Thanks...
  20. meni0n

    OT offers 09

    So does anyone know if the offers are going out? I'm not putting too much stock into my transfer to go thru as I am trying to go from a red trade to a green but I can always hope.