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  1. Towards_the_gap

    Travis Wright - 2 CER

    Gents, last night one of our own was taken in a MVC in North Bay. He leaves behind a wife and 2 children. At this time, it appears it was due to a drunk driver. Please share the link out on the sapper net, and if you can, donate something...
  2. Towards_the_gap

    Toronto Area Veteran's in Film and TV

    Good day, I've moved a little closer to the big smoke and was looking for some part time work to bring in some extra dough. I recall seeing an article a while ago about a Toronto-area reservist who worked in the film industry and set up a company providing military/tactical extra's for movies...
  3. Towards_the_gap

    VAC Client Card - 'A' client vs 'A&B' client

    Hello all, I've already fired off a secure message to VAC to try and shed some light on this, but recently a coworker and I (both veterans) were chatting about VAC and the treatment benefits post-release. The client card came up, which I had never really thought about or bothered looking into...
  4. Towards_the_gap

    Combt Outpost essay

    Mods - Feel free to move this to an 'Afghan Memoirs' sticky if so desired.. Found this last night, thought it was worth sharing.... Shared in accordance with the Fair Dealings Act.. and so on..... http://www.westronwynde.com/wwn09/n9macinnisa/ Punching the Clock           from A Small...
  5. Towards_the_gap

    CF Pension to OMERS

    Done a search, nothing found...hence.. Anyone on here transferred their pension to OMERS? I'd like to do so, and believe I can, however when I got the pension package mailed to me it had already been partially filled out, in that the block where you chose 'A- Deferred annuity B- Transfer to...
  6. Towards_the_gap

    LCol (Ret'd) Brian Nelson Smith, CD - 17 Oct 2012

    LCol Smith, former CO 4 RCR, passed suddenly yesterday whilst at the family hunt camp, due to natural causes. I will update this thread with details as they become finalised. RIP dad...
  7. Towards_the_gap

    Help needed - NSN

    This will be an odd request but the official channels I have  used have turned up nothing. I am looking to order a set of Griffon skids, and in order to do so I require the NSN for them. They will be used in order to build a mock-up of a Griffon cabin so that we can train soldiers on...
  8. Towards_the_gap

    You know the army is out of your brain when....

    The anti-thesis to the 'you know the army is in your brain when......' - Sideburn growing is an ongoing battle that you liken to the struggle against apartheid... - You regularly use about 10% of your initial kit issue, the rest of your work/field gear is bought/acquired. The remainder of...
  9. Towards_the_gap

    Man allegedly intended to bomb military base - Toronto Sun

    http://www.torontosun.com/news/canada/2011/01/21/16986426.html Man allegedly intended to bomb military base By SEAN CHASE, QMI Agency PEMBROKE, Ont. - A city man charged with attempting to possess explosive substances -- in what police allege was his intention to detonate an improvised...
  10. Towards_the_gap

    JTF-A Air Wing - Thanks

    I know this post will be pretty vague, but it has to be for a reason. As a confessed G3/Combat Arms snob, I'm usually one of those guys taking snipes at the Air Force. Not anymore. To anyone who helped us out on 21 June, and made a long day last a little less longer, thank you. It meant alot...
  11. Towards_the_gap

    Help wanted - Child-minder, Deep River Area

    G'day folks, Bit of a last resort request here. Does anyone from the Deep River/Chalk River area know of a good childminder with places open immediately or in the next few weeks? We've only been able to find a few who were not quite what we wanted, and although the PMFRC registered child care...
  12. Towards_the_gap

    Needed - Pay as you Go SIM Card for New Brunswick

    Hello all, Long story short - off to the college of knowledge (Gagetown) in January for a 2 1/2 month tasking. To avoid ludicrously high comms costs with the family back in Pet, I need a SIM card for my cell phone, so that my wife can call using our canada/US long distance plan. Anyone know...
  13. Towards_the_gap

    Warrior Assault Systems TMV Vest - Good or Bad or just.....not worth it?????

    Hello fellow army.caers, Am seeking advice on the following vest, whether anyone has used one, if so, was it junk, ok/did the job, or booted-the-wife-out-slept-with-vest-instead good? Examples below: http://www.firsttactical.com/Warrior_Tactical_MOLLE_Vest_Base_p/w_tmv.htm Pouches...
  14. Towards_the_gap

    Incremental Staff - Reg QL3 January

    Hello all fellow engrs, Almost immediately after the grad parade for the PLQ I have just instructed on, I was told I've been tasked to gagetown for the second half of a QL3 (Jan - Mar). As many of you know, I am still rather fresh following my transfer, and as such, can anyone tell me exactly...
  15. Towards_the_gap

    **URGENT** DEU Name tag engravers in Petawawa Area

    Hello all, have searched to no avail and am in desperate need of an engravers shop which does DEU Name tags, as mine have yet to come through the system and I have a parade on wednesday, and mess dinner the friday following! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Towards_the_gap

    WTB: CADPAT TW Goretex/Waterproof Rucksack cover.

    Hello all, I am searching for a goretex or waterproof CADPAT TW rucksack cover. IE, a large, circular piece of fabric large enough to cover a ruck with a bungee/elasticated cord stitched around the outer perimeter which would hold it onto the ruck. Have looked everywhere online, to no avail...
  17. Towards_the_gap

    Article on British Military in 'The Business'

    Found this.........depressing reading to say the least. Does anyone else see paralells with the CF of the '90's after government cutbacks? Shared in accordance with the Fair Dealings provisions of the Copyright Act. www.thebusiness.co.uk Immorality of forcing the military Britain had...
  18. Towards_the_gap

    War wounded 'need military wards'

    Shared in accordance with the "fair dealing" provisions, Section 29, of the Copyright Act - http://www.cb-cda.gc.ca/info/act-e.html#rid-33409 War wounded 'need military wards' UK troops in NHS hospitals should be treated in separate wings even if it requires public wards to be shut down...
  19. Towards_the_gap

    Old Sappers

    Thought this thread on your sister site, www.arrse.co.uk, would be of interest to current and former CME sappers. http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=46796#870112 Mods: if this is in anyway inappropriate please delete.
  20. Towards_the_gap

    Ombudsman Report on the Recruiting Process - July 19, 2006

    Surprised it's not been posted yet, but the Ombudsman for the Canadian Forces has released his report on the recruiting process. Some interesting reading, and very valid recommendations! http://www.ombudsman.forces.gc.ca/reports/special/recruitment/recruit_toc_e.asp [Edit Title to add date.]