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  1. devil39

    CAF Pension managed by PWGSC

    So....having very recently retired with almost 33 years service (31.3 Reg Fc), and having had many dealings with PWGSC, the thought of PWGSC managing CAF pensions filled me with a certain amount of unease.  I had been told  PWGSC were aiming for first pension payment 30-45 days after release...
  2. devil39

    Rand - CounterInsurgency in Afghanistan - Seth Jones

    Latest Rand publication from Seth Jones.  Excellent synopsis of the issues wrt counterinsurgency and great recommendations. Peer review from James Dobbins, Barnett Rubin and Ali Jalali.... it doesn't get much better than that....... http://www.rand.org/pubs/monographs/2008/RAND_MG595.pdf
  3. devil39

    Saving Afghanistan: An Appeal and Plan for Urgent Action

    Apologies if previously posted, my research skills could not find this paper. The Atlantic Council of The United States has published a paper on Afghanistan.  This is all about counterinsurgency at the Operational and Strategic levels, and hence "Nation Building".  Nice to see the military...
  4. devil39

    Wm. S. Lind - 4GW Perspective on Air Power, Insurgency, and Afghanistan

    Below is a very opinionated (as Lind always is) view of operations in Afghanistan from the 4GW perspective.  I offer this article as food for thought and to generate some discussion, not as a personal commentary or criticism of current operations in Afghanistan.  There is certainly some truth in...
  5. devil39

    Niall Ferguson - Caution: Left turn ahead

    Niall Ferguson, professor of history and economics and author of Colossus: The Rise and Fall of the American Empire (well worth reading in conjunction with Thomas P.M. Barnett's The Pentagon's New Map), with a suggestion that the world is taking a Left-wing shift that we might not be...
  6. devil39

    Is the SECDEF incompetent?...MGen Eaton would suggest so

    Ever since the legs were cut out from under Shinseki the issue of the SecDef influence has been an issue. Great article from a recently retired 2 star that suggests that the current transition issues in Iraq do not lie at the feet of the soldiers currently engaged. New York Times March 19...
  7. devil39

    Thomas L. Friedman - "Reaping What It Sowed"

    Another excellent Friedman article on Middle East democracy and the jihadist culture of death. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/05/04/opinion/04friedman.html?
  8. devil39

    VDH - "The Bush Doctrine's Next Test"

    A superb VDH article on the subject of American support for Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.  If VDH is as influential inside the Bush White House as some suggest, we might see some incremental increase of tough love for these regimes.  A very balanced article... shades of Ralph Peter's...
  9. devil39

    Mark Steyn - Hilarious article on the Bolton confirmation hearings

    Mark Steyn at his best with this great article about Democrat posturing at the Bolton confirmation hearings.  "Boy, this confirmation battle over John Bolton, the president's plain-spoken nominee for U.N. ambassador, is really heating up. Sen. Barbara Boxer, the Democratic Party's comely...
  10. devil39

    Robert D. Kaplan on Syria - Socio-Political Viewpoint

    Robert Kaplan, with his usual engaging, intriguing and thought provoking commentary.   Making a serious call for the State Department Arabists to step up and make a difference.   Well worth reading http://www.opinionjournal.com/editorial/feature.html?id=110006446
  11. devil39

    Thomas P.M. Barnett and his strategic solution for Bush's second term

    Tom Barnett's solution for Bush's second term.   A detente with Iran allowing a focus on Asia where the real problems lie now in Barnett's opinion.   Sell out Taiwan to get China on side.   Use China and other Asian players to force the North Korean dictator to step down. Three COAs...
  12. devil39

    Mark Steyn on Bolton and the UN

    Mark Steyn slays a few sacred cows in this article. http://canadiancoalition.com/forum/messages/5963.shtml
  13. devil39

    Has Iraq Weakened Us? - Victor Davis Hanson

    VDH with a balanced and thought provoking article.   Less of a rant, and more of a discussion of US options in the GWOT, and possible ways ahead in solving the Middle East problem.   Some strategic options presented here. http://www.commentarymagazine.com/Special/A11902002_1.htm Points of...
  14. devil39

    Maj or Capt as OC (Split from: UP FROM THE RANKS!)

    Coy Comds as Majors is not about creating jobs for Majors, it is about trying to strike a balance between age and experience.    I would suggest that our leaders at all levels are more experienced than their equivalent in the US Army... at the Bn level and below.   We work our ranks and...
  15. devil39

    William S. Lind - The US and Athen's Syracuse Expedition

    William S. Lind, author of "The Maneuver Warfare Handbook" and a leading 4GW theorist with his take on current US strategy with respect to Iraq and the pitfalls of future dealings with Iran. http://www.military.com/Opinions/0,,Lind_112904,00.html
  16. devil39

    The Power of Will - Victor Davis Hanson

    VDH with a very strongly worded, pre-election call to arms on the subject of Al Qaida, Afghanistan, Iraq and the GWOT. http://www.nationalreview.com/hanson/hanson200410290825.asp
  17. devil39

    Imperial Hubris - Why The West Is Losing The War On Terror

    Latest book by Anonymous (a senior CIA analyst and Al Qaida/Bin Laden specialist) is a very interesting perspective on the War on Terror, and a strong counterpoint to the likes of Victor Davis Hanson, Thomas P.M. Barnett, Ralph Peters,   et al. He argues that Muslims attack the US, not for who...
  18. devil39

    Ralph Peters - Faces of Denial

    The latest Ralph Peters article comments that the current war on terror is going to be more harmful to Europe in the long run than it will be to America.   In his opinion this is due in no small part to the failure of European states to assimilate their Muslim populations, and exacerbated by the...
  19. devil39

    Guardian Article - Dear Limey A**holes

    Ha!   An absolutely hilarious article on the subject of the upcoming US elections. Apparently the Guardian had readers write in to undecided voters in Clark County, Ohio.   Some of their responses were published in the article below...
  20. devil39

    Canada's Global Role: A Strategic Assessment Of Its Military Power - Parameters

    The Autumn 2004 issue of Parameters has this timely article by Joseph R Nunez.     This is reasonably accurate summary of where we currently stand and how we got here as a nation and a military in my opinion.   While there are details to nitpick in this paper, it is a very worthwhile read...