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  1. RTaylor

    CF Dress regulations RE Air Force

    Howdy all, I was wondering if anyone knew of a place on the internet that I can find the CF Dress regulations for the Air Force. I've searched quite a bit but it still eludes me. The school Im in has regulations that are from the early 80's, and I'm trying to show people that there are...
  2. RTaylor

    BMQ going to 10 weeks in September??

    Rumor mill has it here in Saint Jean that BMQ is going to change to a 10 week course.Some of the staff have been talking about this but no one has confirmed anything for sure.Is there any truth to this?
  3. RTaylor

    Lower leg pain - but it's not Shin Splints

    Hey all, I've been having this problem off and on, and it seems to be getting a bit better, but I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone knows about this issue. When Im jogging or doing a hard walk my lower legs start bugging me. It's not Shin Splints so Im not worried about that but the issue...
  4. RTaylor

    Finally got my answer to m post about Air Force recruitment from the CFRC

    Finally got my answer to m post about Air Force recruitment from the CFRC in Halifax after waiting oodles of time and hearing oodles more of pewp. I'll be starting basic on July 7th! See you there!  :cdn: Totally stoked, got the call going to the hospital to pick up my wife and newborn son...
  5. RTaylor

    I'm a dad again :-D

    Hey all, Just got home from the hospital, my wife and I (well, my wife :p)  just had a healthy baby boy weighing 8 pounds 13 ounces. Jonah Brian Taylor. Pretty excited and thought I'd share with my fellow Milnetters. Time for a snooze, have a good one!
  6. RTaylor

    Basic Training recieving new gear?

    I was talking to my brother in law who's on PAT now doing make-work , he stated that for a few days they were moving new kit (new rucksack, some new type of gloves) that were destined for the basic training bases (I'll assume St Jean and probably Borden). It was the new(er) model stuff that's...
  7. RTaylor

    Anyone going Air Force get an offer or call for Basic lately?

    Hey all, Myself and a few of my friends are going Air Force and have been waiting some time for our calls. After reviewing the boards and the people getting their calls it doesn't appear that anyone going the AF route has been getting calls for their offer, etc. In my area alone there's 4...
  8. RTaylor

    Something new counting down on www.forces.ca

    Hey all, There's something new counting down on www.forces.ca Any speculation? I thought i saw a post on this a week or so ago but it's lost to me.
  9. RTaylor

    Rememberance & loss from the soldiers' perspective

    The first reaction feels like an ice cold rod stuck into your spine, your head feels like there's a cold buzz going on and nothing much seems real. You feel like you're having tunnel vision and seeing it from someone else eye's and nothing else that you've been doing at that moment matters...
  10. RTaylor

    If you could change 1 thing about the Canadian Armed Forces...

    If you could change 1-2 things about the Canadian Armed Forces what would it be? Any topic is good, just try not to get too offensive. For me it'd be : 1 - Streamline the recruitment process - for myself and a lot of friends who have joined back up the CFRC(s) we've gone to have lost papers or...
  11. RTaylor

    FINALLY! Got everything completed, just waiting for my call!

    Long story short : Left reserves, made some stupid decisions, tried to fix em, ended up not doing what I wanted to do and with a few crappy college degrees. See post history for original story. Finally completed my medical and a re-interview after starting the application process last May/June...
  12. RTaylor

    Current Red Air Force Trades and other questions

    Howdy all, Ive already done the search trying to find the red air force trades (ones needing people) but I cant seem to find any info anywhere (could be just the army/navy having red trades I don't know). Anywho, my wife has really started her nagfest about me going Combat Engineer (just...
  13. RTaylor

    Anyone face this problem Re : wife & trade

    Hey all, So Ive been waiting for my call to basic, anticipating it with glee as a matter of fact, but in the recent weeks (well, as of last week) my father (ex infantry officer), my cousin (current Infantry Captain) and my wife talked about the trade Ive choosen for my career path in the...
  14. RTaylor

    Enlisting as a Medic

    Hey all, I was wondering, alot of the people in this forum know quite a bit so I have a quick question. I'm applying as Medic but I heard that they prefer to have people who have either a Chem or Biology course. Is this mandatory? I catch on pretty fast to concepts, took a college course that...
  15. RTaylor

    Long road to an interview...but I got it!

    Hey all, This is my first post here, but I've been perusing the boards for a while, reading stories, tips and so forth. Been quite enjoyable and quite a bit of help in getting my recruitment processes started up. Thanks  ;D Anyways, I finally landed my interview for tomorrow (December 20 /...