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  1. x-grunt

    Youtube video: History of HMCS Bras D'or

    For those who may be interested, I found this vid on YouTube. "HMCS Bras D'Or; The world's fastest warship and the pinnacle of hydrofoil development in Canada" An interesting history, and I'd never seen any video of Bras D'or underway before. Enjoy.
  2. x-grunt

    Invitation: 20 SEP 14 Toronto Scottish Regiment Freedom of the City parade

    This does not seem to have been well advertised, so if anyone can help pass the word it would be appreciated. Former members of the Toronto Scots and interested others, the Toronto Scottish Regiment is being awarded the Freedom of the City of Mississauga. Former members are invited to parade...
  3. x-grunt

    Toronto Star: Pride and regret for Canadian troops leaving Afghanistan...

    Searched and not found, so I thought I'd post it. full article on link http://www.thestar.com/news/world/afghanistan/article/991611--pride-and-regret-for-canadian-troops-leaving-afghanistan-as-mission-winds-up?bn=1 Pride and regret for Canadian troops leaving Afghanistan as mission winds up...
  4. x-grunt

    I'm asking for your support for a new charity - time sensitive

    Having received permission from Mike to post this, I would like to ask the members here for some support for a brand new charity.  What am I asking you to support? I am a board member of a new charity, PAL Parent Assistance line. We are opening a confidential national helpline for parents. A...
  5. x-grunt

    The Star: Taliban "losing momentum"

    Searched and not yet posted that I could see. I found this article interesting, it stands in contrast to the public opinion that I encounter almost daily. http://www.thestar.com/News/Columnist/article/427330
  6. x-grunt

    NDP says Canadian military wrote Afghan president's speech

    searched to see if previously posted, nothing seen, so: NDP says Canadian military wrote Afghan president's speech Article link: http://www.macleans.ca/article.jsp?content=w092553A September 25, 2007 - 13:13 THE CANADIAN PRESS OTTAWA - The NDP says it has documents that show the Canadian...
  7. x-grunt

    Roles in domestic security

    The course of some other threads ("Naval capabilities" and "Defending arctic sovereignty")  has me wondering about something, and frankly I really don't know enough to make more then a WAG (wild a** guess) at the answer at this point. So I am asking: what has more of a role right now in...
  8. x-grunt

    Venture joining instructions

    Hello all, I have a request: if any of you kind folk have a copy of this years joining instructions for IAP/BOTC at Venture, could you PM me please? I'm in that wierd spot of needing only my med file approved and I'm off to Venture next week, but until I get that checkmark I'm not officially...
  9. x-grunt

    Recent unread posts button?

    I can't seem to find it anymore. I think it is an essential function on this site. Was it removed or am I just out to lunch here?
  10. x-grunt

    Looking up John Hill, served with TorScots/RCR/CAR and who knows after that.

    We were good friends back in the late 70's early 80's, lost touch over time. He was Infantry (NCM), first with the Toronto Scots in 77, then went Reg into the RCR, in the mid 80's he was with the Airborne in Pet. He married a woman named Pat from Windsor in 86 (I think). He may have...
  11. x-grunt

    How did Militia training evolve?

    I know this post has the potential to go downhill fast, I sincerely hope it doesn't. I'm posting this as I just read in another thread that Militia BMQ is about 20 days long. I am curious about how Militia training evolved into it's current form. I note that Reg force, NavRes and AirRes...
  12. x-grunt

    recruiters on this board - can I get a vision form pls.

    Hi, I've been trying for several days to get the medical folks at CFRC Toronto. I am seeing my opthamologist Tuesday Sept.6 and I want to give him the vision questionaire. I haven't even received a call back, I know the med. personnel are not always at the CFRC and the front desk guys have no...
  13. x-grunt

    Origin of "hairy bag?"

    Okay, so I've heard this term for years. Anyone know how it originated, and is it specific to Canada? edit: typo
  14. x-grunt

    Doing NavRes MARS phases in one year

    (I originally had this under the BOTC changes thread, but it really is a seperate question.) I understand the MARS MOC can be done either in three summers or in one complete year. I could conceivably do the one year long program. Not sure how I apply for this but I'd prefer it, get it done and...
  15. x-grunt

    NavRes BOTC changes?

    I had heard a rumour that the NavRes IAP/BOTC had been changed to a new format this year, perhaps shortened to 8 weeks plus some time at the NRD. Does anyone have any info on this? Just curious, my re-enlistment is dragging on and I won't get in until after the summer.
  16. x-grunt

    Inaccuracies on my previous service record.

    Finally, my VFS is here! But the darn thing has holes in it. I guess this post is partly to vent, and partly asking for advice. I served at the dawn of time, in the late '70's. Left in '80. So my previous service record is a bit dusty, and those who compiled it are long gone. While it's not a...
  17. x-grunt

    MARS to Civvie equivelencies?

    Out of curiousity, I was looking through transport canada's site, checking out various qualifications like deck watchkeeping certificates, etc. I checked the list of "approved" educational institutions for these quals and nowhere do I see CF schools, with the exception of one engineers course...
  18. x-grunt

    So...who's the "senior" shellback around here?

    I was looking at Spr. Earl's   thread The World, and I started to wonder if I will become the Navy's senior shellback if my re-enlistment is successful. >:D I crossed the line in Algonquin 28 years ago today, on 27 Feb 1977. I was only 17, a real raw pup. Lost all my pics in a house fire some...
  19. x-grunt

    Looking for pushup/situps/chinup video online

    Hi all, I used to be able to find online videos showing the "correct" method for doing these exercises. I don't know where they are any more, they used to be on the recruiting site I think. Anyone know where to find them? Thanks
  20. x-grunt

    Moving allowance for Class C service?

    Hi, I've done a search and did not find an answer to these 2 questions. Is a reservist on long term class C (in Canada) entitled to: a)moving allowance b)PMQ for my family Anyone know? I'm discussing my enlistment with my wife, and trying to plan out my possible choices for future employment...