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  1. Romanmaz

    iPhone data usage

    It depends alote one how you use your phone. Do you have WiFi at home? You can tap into your WiFi if indoors instead of using your data plan. Do you watch YouTube/movies on your phone? If so, no, it's not enough. If it's mostly used for Facebook and social media 100mb/month should be fine. I...
  2. Romanmaz

    how long does it take, really?

    They vary alote, based on many different factors. Is that what you want to hear? http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/13064.0- 104 pages of people talking about their wait times. Try calling your mom?
  3. Romanmaz

    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    Small world ey? Yea man I moved so I'm going to Premier Fitness in Mississauga, leaving for BMQ next week. Hope everything's going good with you!
  4. Romanmaz

    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    Bingo! That's all you can do, keep calling every couple weeks and stay patient. -Posted by: AlltheFixins Nobody here can possibly answer that question for you, I can say 50 if that makes you feel better...ya 50's a good number. Contact your recruiter and ask him/her to provide you with your...
  5. Romanmaz

    What not to do - No excuse BMQ tips [Merged]

    The toes are still the pivot point irregardless of whether or not your elbows are tucked in or flared out.
  6. Romanmaz

    Questions about updating my file

    Same here, I was asked several times throughout the application process if I had any updates to make regarding education,work...etc.
  7. Romanmaz

    BMOQ questions: 4-day civilian clothes, vits and supls

    HAHAHA! +1 P.S. You obviously have never worn Nautica underwear, it's kind of a big deal...just saying. (sarcasm)
  8. Romanmaz

    BMOQ questions: 4-day civilian clothes, vits and supls

    I like "Nautica", but if you want to get extravagant you can't go wrong with "Under Armour" or even "New Balance". :nod: Probably not necessary but I don't like my junk bouncing off the side of my leg...
  9. Romanmaz

    BMOQ questions: 4-day civilian clothes, vits and supls

    That's weird on so many levels. Do yourself a favor and don't cheap out. Buy "athletic" boxers that will keep your junk from bouncing of the side of your leg on those 5k runs.  :2c:
  10. Romanmaz

    USMC and the DKM!

    Its a mix, but a good f****n mix!
  11. Romanmaz

    What not to do - No excuse BMQ tips [Merged]

    HEY! He gets to get a couple shots in at someone..okayy! It's easier when they don't write back. (sarcasm)
  12. Romanmaz

    BMQ for September 2011

    Platoon 0418E coming at you next week! So I take it the food is pretty shitty? :stirpot:
  13. Romanmaz

    Reserve before Regular

    Higher education is always useful, even if not job specific for your desired trade.
  14. Romanmaz

    The Manly Thread

  15. Romanmaz

    The Manly Thread

    HAHA good to know. I haven't heard anyone talking about him in a long time. He was a legend though.
  16. Romanmaz

    The Manly Thread

    Is there a back-story to your obsession with this guy?  ???
  17. Romanmaz

    Joining The Infantry

    I'm sure with a background as a L.E.O. it will give you a definite level of competitiveness over applicants for next years selection. As to your question about whether or not they will even accept your applications,  it seems to differ greatly depending on the RC and staff you talk to. Some...
  18. Romanmaz

    Hybrid electric/"stealth" snowmobiles

    Yes, they have brakes....... ;)
  19. Romanmaz

    Much appreciated, multi-topic advice...

    Have you ever tried the pose running method? It eliminates allot of stress on your knees and will actually help increase you performance, I've recently started doing it and the difference is incredible. It almost gives you a spring type of effect pushing you forward (if done properly) as you...
  20. Romanmaz

    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    Everyone's different. I got a job offer within 2-3 weeks of being merit listed, others take months or longer. Yes, it's a test, be patient grasshopper. Job will present itself to you when you are ready for job. - Sensei