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  1. Thompson_JM

    Shots fired at CFB Kingston

    This has been relayed to me through a few people posted there. Apparently there were shots fired near the officers mess. Base was on lockdown for some time. According to my friends there, the lockdown has been lifted, but some are saying the shooter is still at large. Stay safe to everyone...
  2. Thompson_JM

    MISSING PERSON: Ex CF Mbr lost in NSW Australia

    So to preface, Prabh is a friend of mine, and has been missing now for the better part of a week. While the odds of anything useful turning up by posting on here are slim, I'm willing to take any and every chance that something might help. He is a former member of my unit who had to release in...
  3. Thompson_JM

    Tommy --------> Epic Beard Man

    Because I now have a Beard, and it is in fact, nothing short of Epic. http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Epic_Beard_Man for further information....
  4. Thompson_JM

    Open Question for Advice on Stalking and Stalkers

    An open Question here.... I have a very good friend of mine who is overseas in the big dirty right now, and recently his 19 year old Daughter has encountered an issue with a very aggressive stalker. Any Tips on dealing with it? More importantly what can we do to help her feel more confident...
  5. Thompson_JM

    RIP Lt. (N) James Sebe

    It is with great sadness to announce the unexpected passing of Lieutenant (Navy) James Felix Sebe on April 21, 2010, peacefully in his sleep. James will be forever in the hearts of his parents Jeanne and Alex, dear brother to Albert, Sanyi (Lisa), and dear Uncle to Sasha and Liam, He will be...
  6. Thompson_JM

    Where is Aldershot Actually Located?

    Just a quick Question, since I couldnt Find it on Google, I am trying to figure out if Aldershot is located near Kempville NS as I am possibly doing a PLQ course out of there in Oct. many thanks. EDIT; Fixed the spelling in the title.
  7. Thompson_JM

    OPP are back in Black.... and white

    Taken from the OPP Web site. http://www.opp.ca/opp_001812.html Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers will soon be patrolling Ontario roadways and communities in the traditional black and white police car, adding greater visibility and instant recognition to OPP general duty and traffic...
  8. Thompson_JM

    Dateing Ettiqiute Question

    Ok, So I have a Question for you all... Whats the Ettiquite for if a freind of yours (even though you dont see him much anymore, and he has become more of an aquaintence) Decides he wants to date your Ex? Should he still ask you if youre ok with it?  Just wondering what the unwritten Mens...
  9. Thompson_JM

    Digital Camera for AfStan, What to Buy?

    Im trying to figure out what would be a good buy for a Digital Camera to take with me overseas. Ideally im looking for something small, tough, and reasonable priced, (no more then 500-700 Cdn)  Any Ideas?
  10. Thompson_JM

    Police wary as 500 Hells Angels meet in Windsor

    http://sympaticomsn.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20060624/hells_angels_060624 Police wary as 500 Hells Angels meet in Windsor CTV.ca News Staff Police in Windsor, Ont. had a small amount of trouble to contend with as 500 members of the Hells Angels gather in nearby Essex County...
  11. Thompson_JM

    Hydration: Split from the Ex Vigilant Guardian Thread

    Sad as it is to say, I think from a CSS Tn Point of veiw Maple Storm was probabbly one of the best Ex's ive been on Brigade wise. I was attached to A Coy with the rest of 23 Svc Bn, while 21, and 22 were attached to the other two FOB's.... some of our guys had a pretty decent go of things, with...
  12. Thompson_JM

    Windsor Police Officer Killed

    http://www.pulse24.com/News/Top_Story/20060505-009/page.asp Reports from Windsor indicate a police officer in the border town has apparently been shot and killed and a huge manhunt has been launched for at least one escaped suspect. Details about what happened are still sketchy, but it...
  13. Thompson_JM

    Reaction to soldiers' deaths 'is really going over the top,' retired general say

    Shared in accordance with the "fair dealing" provisions, Section 29, of the Copyright Act (http://www.cb-cda.gc.ca/info/act-e.html#rid-33409)...
  14. Thompson_JM

    WTF is This? Sex offender gets 4 years?

    http://www.pulse24.com/News/Top_Story/20060209-010/page.asp In December 2004, police found a missing 9-year-old girl inside a shed on Lennox Avenue in Richmond Hill. She was badly beaten and had been sexually assaulted. On Thursday, the man who stood trial for committing the vile acts was...
  15. Thompson_JM

    Question Regarding Maintenance of Body Armour

    For those who wear this on a regular basis, I have a question, I own a Level IIA vest, with an internal carrier. now i know i can pretty much clean the carrier any which way, but how should I wash the accuall kevlar pannels? Also about how long will it take on average, to dry, before I can wear...
  16. Thompson_JM

    Ultimate Showdown....

    http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/showdown if its the first time, watch it with the subtitles on.... (btw, its a flash cartoon so you'll need flash to veiw it.) cheers     Josh
  17. Thompson_JM

    The Ontario Security Guard Act, & Security Work in General

    since the thread on Arming the TTC is starting to spirial, I thought that perhaps we should make a designated thread on private security, and all that is associated with it. in all its glory..... so, Comments on security, the Ontario security guard act (or rather the up and comming act) and all...
  18. Thompson_JM

    Relevance and Usefullness of Police Foundations?

    I started to think as I was responding to a comment on the firefighters thread about the vast difference between the College Programs, Fire, Paramedic, and Police. to my understanding both the Fire and EMS courses require alot more discipline and fitness and encompass a much greater level of...
  19. Thompson_JM

    Crazy Stunts and Pranks done on course or taskings

    I'm hopeing this hasnt been done before..... after watching Jarhead and the field fun scene, i got to thinking of all the pranks and stuff weve done on courses and taskings to break up the monotony on one tasking we came up with a plan for a slingshot. the idea was to be able to launch water...
  20. Thompson_JM

    MRE's Where To Buy?

    Hey Guys, Some freinds and I are looking at going on a Backpacking Hike, and I wanted to get some MRE's for sustinance on this trip since theyre fairly small and man portable. and i'll need to carry enough meals for roughly 2 1/2 days.  if any of you know where i can purchase some online...