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  1. Nauticus

    Combat Gloves

    So I did a search, and nothing came up to this subject. I've read on here that, generally a member of the CF is allowed to use privately bought tactical/combat gloves instead of CF issued gloves (black leather with green lining). The problem I had at BMQ, was that these issued gloves did not...
  2. Nauticus

    So it begins!

    Just wanted to thank you all for the help over the past months. I got my job offer yesterday! My formal celebration is in Vancouver on October 2, and the start of my BMQ is October 11. I also got my #1 choice of career, Armoured Crewman. I'm so excited!
  3. Nauticus

    Extreme Difficulty Contacting Recruitment Centres?

    I just wanted to make this thread to discover if anyone else has this same problem. I had my processing date a few weeks ago (did my medical, aptitude, and interview) and I did each of them successfully. I was told during my interview that I have a "very competitive application" and that I...
  4. Nauticus

    Int to CSIS?

    Hey there, Quick question here that I'm curious about. I did do a search, but I found no information on this particular subject. I've been in contact with the Canadian Forces for a while, and I'm working towards starting my military career in either infantry or armour. That is all well and...