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  1. Bzzliteyr

    Showerthoughts: What small thing has had the largest impact on the Cdn Army?

    I came up with this thought this morning: Smallest thing that has had the biggest impact on our Canadian army? The Tim Hortons in the Canex in Wainwright. With the amount of people exercising through that base, there's no doubt it has affected morale. Thoughts?
  2. Bzzliteyr

    Hey gun nerds, SA 15.7 or 15.7 IUR franken gun?

    Okay, I know there are gun nerds in here that are way smarter than I am. I have 20+ years in the military and really want to pick up the SA15.7 from Colt Canada. BUT I also have no AR15 platforms in my household and saw the IUR for a good price. Mixed with the Colt Lower, a new charging...
  3. Bzzliteyr

    Interesting update to the new US Army camouflage uniforms

    http://www.army.mil/article/131259/Soldiers_to_get_new_camo_uniform_beginning_next_summer/ "The uniform bearing the new pattern will be largely the same as what Soldiers wear now, except that the lower leg pockets will be closed by a button instead of the "hook and loop" fabric fastener on the...
  4. Bzzliteyr

    Ex-Reserve MCpl Guillaume Gelinas arrested on two counts of premeditated murder

    Topic title is mine, modified from the article. Guillaume Gelinas arrested on two counts of premeditated murder Read more: http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/guillaume-gelinas-arrested-on-two-counts-of-premeditated-murder-1.1686633#ixzz2tMkl3JLa This guy was on my tour in 2010-11.  Whoa.
  5. Bzzliteyr

    Montey Python (From: high visible rank (From:Re-Royalization))

    A Shrubbery you say?
  6. Bzzliteyr

    EX GRIZZLY DEFENDER 2013 - anyone coming to play?

    Hey guys and gals, Is anyone else heading out to WD 13? What role will you have, what are you anticipating?
  7. Bzzliteyr

    Roller Derby?

    So, I know of about 4 military people that play roller derby in Western Canada. Are there any other military personnel that partake in this awesome sport? How does your chain of command feel about it? Any military rules and regulations that play a factor in a go/no go situation? I can't see...
  8. Bzzliteyr

    How do I: stop "following" a thread?

    Hey there. I have a few threads that get constant traffic and I get taken to when I click on "show new replies to your posts" but there is one that I really don't care about anymore and want to make it disappear from that list. How can I do this? I can see how to receive notifications but is...
  9. Bzzliteyr

    Extra Curricular Sports: how does it work?

    This is going to sound like a seriously numpty question but up until now I have never played an organized sport outside of the military. I am currently a part of a local roller derby league in Calgary. What do I have to do (if anything) to let the military know I am doing this? What about...
  10. Bzzliteyr

    Canadian Forces Dress Regulations - June 2011 version - A-DH-265-000-AG-001

    I thought this might be a good one to sticky and share after it had been dug up in another thread: http://www.cfc.forces.gc.ca/255/251/A-DH-265-000-AG-001.pdf These are the most recent dress regulations that might help everyone answer the common questions posted.
  11. Bzzliteyr

    One time, on exercise....

    Go ahead.. fill in the next line with a true story...
  12. Bzzliteyr

    Snowshoes - How do you put YOUR bindings on?

    So, I did a search and instead of Zombieing an old topic I thought I'd start a new one. The season is upon us and I thought it's be fun to see all the different variations in the way we put snowshoe bindings on our OLD type snowshoes.  I'm looking for other ideas instead the usual paracord...
  13. Bzzliteyr

    Things NOT to say to a military spouse/girlfriend!

    Salut, I found this on the Lightfighter forum, it is the same for military husbands/boyfriends as well.  As you can tell, it's from an American but it applies to us just as easily. Bzzliteyr Things NOT to say to a military Spouse or Girlfriend! 1. "Aren't you afraid that he'll be killed?"...
  14. Bzzliteyr

    Private house sale, tips and tricks?

    Hello everyone, some may or may not know but during my tour in Afghanistan my father passed away. This has left me with a home in Montreal which I am selling privately.  I have put up a very cheap $5 "for sale" sign on the front yard to spark some interest. It is an older (built 1910) home that...
  15. Bzzliteyr

    Looking for: Used GSM (Rogers) cellphone for my daughter when I deploy.

    Hey guys and gals.  Take a look around the house, I need a favour. I am heading to the Ghan in the near future but I am leaving my Rogers wireless "couples" plan (free wireless minutes between the two phones) for my daughter.  The catch is that I am not leaving her my MP3/Vidcam/digicam fully...
  16. Bzzliteyr

    Wondering if this is of any use for Afghanistan?

    Garrett Tactical Hand-Held Detector: https://dstactical.com/product_info.php?products_id=1111 We had discussed them during work up training but were never told if they'd be in theater or not.. is it something I could use?  Need? Thanks, Bzz
  17. Bzzliteyr

    Arm pockets on my AR combats?

    Okay, did a search for "arm pockets".. no luck.  I am heading over in August and just received my AR combats.  Is there anywhere in QC or NB that I can get my arm pockets added?  Anyone have a template or instructions for doing the modification? On another note, has anyone heard of any...
  18. Bzzliteyr

    What to put in unaccompanied baggage?

    I figure this might be the best place to put this.  NO, I did not do a search and here is the reason why:  the situation in Afghanistan is dynamic and always changing, I want the most up to date suggestions and not old threads. Which brings me to my request: Guys and gals that have just...
  19. Bzzliteyr

    Afghanistan maps for Garmin GPS

    Well, we've been overseas for about four years or so.. Does anyone have any maps of Aghanistan that can be uploaded to our personal Garmin GPSr??? I mean, there are companies out there. http://www.global-map.net/af/ for instance.. but have you seen the price??  $250 USD!! Is this something...
  20. Bzzliteyr

    Tac Vest: What's this?

    I have just perused through all of my PDFs for the CTS TV and I can't seem to find what the thing my pencil is pointing at does? Anyone have an idea? Be as imaginative or factual as you'd like.. I think its time to lighten up on the TV. If you do have the REAL answer, please put it in bold so...