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  1. Nauticus

    Intelligence Officer / Operator

    Have you learned any aspects of the intelligence community yet?
  2. Nauticus

    'NATO-Russia Rapprochement'

    Well, I'm sure you would have had no problem with the post if he started a whole new thread about it ... ;)
  3. Nauticus

    'NATO-Russia Rapprochement'

    If the numbers are accurate, then it's a perfectly legitimate response. Everyone hates it when people start new threads anyway, so I really don't understand your problem.
  4. Nauticus

    The Military Wedding Superthread- merged

    There's no guarantees, and it's quite possible that he would not be granted time off. Govern yourself accordingly.
  5. Nauticus

    Tea Party Wins

    And two of those three things, in my opinion, are the wrong thing to do right now. 
  6. Nauticus

    Joining the reg force with only Grade 10?

    I understand, but there's a difference between thinking that you have the brains to do it, and actually having the brains to do it. You've probably not accomplished anything even remotely close to a university degree, so your claim is unwarranted.
  7. Nauticus

    Joining the reg force with only Grade 10?

    Most kids think that. You couldn't join as an officer without a degree (for most cases), and you can't suggest a claim that you could, as you've clearly never had a similar experience that suggests you could. Basically, you're talking out of your @$$. With that said, do what you want. I...
  8. Nauticus

    Joining up

    Your whole application, including the tests that you complete (written, medical, interview) are factors in how competitive you are against someone else. Having little to no work experience, no high school diploma, etc., may make it more difficult to successfully apply, but that is the reality of...
  9. Nauticus

    New to the site, question about recruiting?

    I've found that nerves can also show that the person may lack confidence.
  10. Nauticus

    So I had my interview yesterday..

    What it sounds like it boils down to is, you sound like a good leader but do you have proof? If not, get some.
  11. Nauticus

    Merit list & departure dates

    Why doesn't he go in person to see the file manager?
  12. Nauticus


    Like others have said, the application process is long for many people now, and you would most likely not be in by August or September. Of course, nobody could say with certainty, but we can take educated guesses based on others who are applying during this same time. I personally think it's...
  13. Nauticus

    References Superthread [Merged]

    Just for clarification, you're alleging that a CF recruiter suggested to you that you should get people to lie on your application to the Canadian Forces?
  14. Nauticus

    Reserves Enrollment questions

    Although I've heard of people on here make claims that reservists have done reg BMQ in Quebec, I've never personally seen or observed that occur. Your options for BMQ would be weekends, or sometimes in one chunk often during the summertime. The duration of BMQ and some of the contents do vary...
  15. Nauticus

    How Important is Cadets for RMC Application?

    Of course being in the cadets would be beneficial, the CF website does not list it as a requirement to apply for ROTP. With that said, it's very realistic that your application may "make up for it" in other ways, for example volunteer and work experience, high school grades, and athletics.
  16. Nauticus


    I wish I knew what you were referring to. This sounds like a hilarious thread.
  17. Nauticus

    ADHD, ADD, and why we can't get in rants......

    I am not a CF medical professional, so you should contact the recruiting centre to get official, direct answers yourself. I do know that the CF does require a certain amount of time between using prescribed medications and applying to ensure that you can operate without the use of those...
  18. Nauticus

    Radical group may disrupt Prince William's visit

    Agreed. And as much as I disagree with the protestors in Montreal today, at least all they did was protest.
  19. Nauticus

    Radical group may disrupt Prince William's visit

    On the other hand, I read an article that argued that, although the government is paying for the trip in part or in full, it will be a stimulus to the economy.
  20. Nauticus

    Radical group may disrupt Prince William's visit

    I'm not sure that's true. Hypocrites do that, not "the left".