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  1. Cronicbny

    West Coast KIN Class - 3 Operational Ships

    Was just told today that we're shutting down another platform... more properly putting a 3rd KIN Class into Reduced Readiness. Main factor was manning, of course, with some other considerations. More to follow... I will try to update as more information becomes available.
  2. Cronicbny

    Op ARTEMIS: Counter-terr/secur @ sea (merged)

    Posted from a Montreal Gazette article.... note the date (29 Feb)... the ships coy of CAL were briefed on the plan Two days ago (04 Mar). <shakes head> Canada pledges three more ships to 'war on terror' Rob Shaw , Canwest News Service Published: Friday, February 29 VICTORIA - The Canadian navy...
  3. Cronicbny

    BC Ferries SAREX

    Well we're off to see the Wonderful Wizard of SAR today! Tomorrow a number of agencies (including some DND assets, such as a Cormorant, Buffalo and YELLOWKNIFE) will be conducting a major test of JRCC's Major Maritime Disaster Contingency Plan in the vicinity of Pat Bay. There will be 200 plus...