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  1. career_radio-checker

    Ideas for Unit Christmas Mess Diner

    Well it was inevitable, I have finally been plucked as the sacrificial NCM to organize the unit's mess diner. Most on here would probably agree that if it wasn't for the booze they can be pretty boring. I'm looking for ideas to make this Christmas diner more exciting, memorable, or at least 'not...
  2. career_radio-checker

    Regimental nicknames of the Canadian Forces

    Something I stumbled upon while looking up 'chicken f%@ker' for a presentation. For your enjoyment http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regimental_nicknames_of_the_Canadian_Forces#Non-regimental_nicknames
  3. career_radio-checker

    Cpl Mathew McCully Foundation

    I'm not an advocate of this site, I just stumbled across a video on youtube about this foundation and was moved emotionally. The guy was a fellow soldier and jimmy. I just thought I would bring it to the attention of the forum. Website: Still underconstuction...
  4. career_radio-checker

    Canadian Political Humour

    Here's a place for all you bored and cynical political animals can post those witty quips you came up with in the shower about our glorious democratic system. Q: Why is the New Democratic Party colour Orange ? A: Because they are Red like the Commies.  And too Yellow bellied to fight.
  5. career_radio-checker

    Reserves Ex Valiant Guardian-Wainwright (Aug-2007)

    So as a the school year draws to a close and us internet addicts look for new stuff to click on 157 times per day, I just thought we should prepare for this year's Ex Something Guardian. There is no website up yet, but I know some people involved with the planning are on army.ca. Maybe they are...
  6. career_radio-checker

    HUMOUR -- Boredom is a soldier's worst enemy

    ... or at least to the man in charge of the troop  ;D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E_O088jwf4 What do you do in your spare time while in uniform?
  7. career_radio-checker

    Two NATO soldiers reported killed in Afghanistan

    Reproduced under the fair dealings of the copyright act CTV news. March 4, 2007 source: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20070304/afghan_violence_070304/20070304?hub=TopStories My thoughts and prayers go out to the families no matter what the nationality  :salute:
  8. career_radio-checker

    WOW! 10, 000 posts for George Wallace

    ... well almost, just 70 shy of the mark. That's why I started this thread, to egg him on to reach the milestone... and bragging rights in hopes he posts the big one-zero-zero-zero-zero in my thread.  ;D (Hence why I put it here, where posts count) I would have started this thread a little...
  9. career_radio-checker

    Apache helicopter Vs. Tree. video (got to love pilots LOL)

    Pilots  ::) If only their smarts were as vast as their ego  ;D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsW5-l-y6kY&NR
  10. career_radio-checker

    Canada finally shows its Imperialist nature

    Now that I got you in a raging anti-communist mood, here is something to put a smile on your face.  :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXdjz1Dw6j8&mode=related&search=  finally, they make Parliament interesting.
  11. career_radio-checker

    Anna Nicole Smith DEAD!!!

    I really am shocked and never really expected this. Don't know really what to say except a part of my childhood has died with her  :'( http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20070208/smith_070208/20070208?hub=TopStories
  12. career_radio-checker

    What is the story behind your avatar?

    Ever wondered what that little 1"x1" picture in someones personal profile has meant? Sometimes its because of personal reasons; sometimes its a treasured memory we want to share with the rest of the forum; and other times it's an insanely stupid picture which we just thought would be cool to put...
  13. career_radio-checker

    Support Our Troops - White Rock/ Vancouver local effort drive

    I like to keep in touch with what's going on in my home town of White Rock, BC and found a local group which is gathering trinkets to ship to the troops in Afghanistan. This is the first real support our troops campaign in that region and thought I would share it with everyone to brighten up...
  14. career_radio-checker

    Why would 4 young men join the army and serve in Afghanistan?

    This is an article which is from Novemeber but I was only lucky enough to find now. It's a really good read about 4 Vancouverites who served this past year in Afghanistan; what they experienced and how they dealt with the hardships. There is no political message in it, it's just a really good...
  15. career_radio-checker

    The Ghosts of War-Canadian Documentary on Afghan misson

    Here is something interesting I stumbled across from another all-nighter break. Should be interesting as the documentary seeks to explain to Canadians why we are in Afghanistan, and judging by the synopsis it seems the journalist who did this documentary has done some good research...
  16. career_radio-checker

    Wondering what BASIC TRAINING is like? Watch the video. (BASIC UP)

    Well the CF has finally produced a video series which gives an inside look at what Basic training is like in Canada. BASIC UP follows 5 recruits as they go through the Reg Force Basic training at St. Jean from the time they arrive until they graduate. Its still being produced so it's only half...
  17. career_radio-checker

    Trying to get in the mood for Christmas (music)

    I'm here in my appartment studdying away and don't have time to put up Christmas decorations. I thought I would listen to some live bandwith radio that only played Christmas music. I haven't found a local Ottawa station that plays only x-mas music and when ever I type up keywords "radio, Live...
  18. career_radio-checker

    65th Anniversary of Attack on Pearl Harbor -- 7th December 1941

    Today is the 7th of December, the 65th anniversary of a date that will live in infamy. On December 7, 1941 Japanese torpedo bombers made their first strikes against unsuspecting American battleships at 7:53 am. Take a moment to remember that day's significance and how it changed the outcome of...
  19. career_radio-checker

    Canadian troops create fragile peace in Panjwai

    Title: Canadian troops create fragile peace in Panjwai Date: 26 Nov 06 Source: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20061126/panjwai_afghanistan_061126/20061126?hub=TopStories By : CTV Newstaff It appears that the media is attributing a relative stability in the Panjwai district...
  20. career_radio-checker

    NATO soldier killed 2 wounded in Panjwaii

    http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20061107/NATO_afghan_061107/20061107?hub=TopStories Damn. Just when there was a lull in the casualties and the news looked positive, this has to happen.