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  1. x-grunt

    Youtube video: History of HMCS Bras D'or

    For those who may be interested, I found this vid on YouTube. "HMCS Bras D'Or; The world's fastest warship and the pinnacle of hydrofoil development in Canada" An interesting history, and I'd never seen any video of Bras D'or underway before. Enjoy.
  2. x-grunt

    My 556 day ongoing process & background

    It sounds like you are close to an answer-good luck! In the unlikely event the response is "no", do not give up. Stay positive! I speak from experience that occasionally mistakes are made and a decision can be reversed. In my case, I took the "no" answer and didn't follow up. If I had...
  3. x-grunt

    The Canadian Peacekeeping Myth (Merged Topics)

    One hopes, but remember what those who govern did with the Medak situation back in '93. Even the UN went against the grain and gave the CF props for that one. I always thought that was a golden PR opportunity for the Government of the day, a potential morale boost for the CF  and something that...
  4. x-grunt

    Am I too old, fat, or fit in? 2001 to 2016

    Thanks for the quick and thorough response, and for merging the thread. The good points you make are the reason I'm curious if anyone actually does get accepted or, more importantly perhaps, actually add value with his or her service at this age. I wish him well with his  attempt.
  5. x-grunt

    Am I too old, fat, or fit in? 2001 to 2016

    Yep, 55. Officially I know someone can enroll, but realistically does anyone get accepted into reserves at around this age, and if they do are they successful? This isn't about me, I served a long time ago and unsuccessfully tried to reenlist some years back at the peak of our mission in...
  6. x-grunt

    Invitation: 20 SEP 14 Toronto Scottish Regiment Freedom of the City parade

    Response to the above question re: mess dinner. Apparently no mess dinner is planned. There will be a short reception at the Mississauga City Hall following the parade itself.
  7. x-grunt

    Invitation: 20 SEP 14 Toronto Scottish Regiment Freedom of the City parade

    Unknown, I am simply passing the message from a contact with the Regimental Association. Info currently posted is for the parade itself. I will gladly ask them to weigh in and I will post the answer here. You could also contact the Toronto Scottish BOR at 416-635-4250 x4252 9am-5pm.
  8. x-grunt

    Invitation: 20 SEP 14 Toronto Scottish Regiment Freedom of the City parade

    This does not seem to have been well advertised, so if anyone can help pass the word it would be appreciated. Former members of the Toronto Scots and interested others, the Toronto Scottish Regiment is being awarded the Freedom of the City of Mississauga. Former members are invited to parade...
  9. x-grunt

    CFRG and the broken recruiting system-Split

    Ach, it wasn't until I read this article and this thread that I realized how bitterly disappointed I still am about my own experience.  >:( I have to say the reporter was *far* more gentle then I would be. I was in the recruiting stream for nearly 3 years, then I was mistakenly turned down a...
  10. x-grunt

    WW2 Sniper Veteran Hasn’t Lost His Sniper Skills

    Impressive shooting. 85 years old and he's still got it.
  11. x-grunt

    Watching War Films with my Dad

    Yeah, I can be a little like this around tactics, attitudes, etc. Bugs my wife!  :) I went to see A Bridge Too Far with my Dad, who was a WW2 1 Can Para  veteran. I idolized him. He never spoke about the war when sober. I thought at first us going to the flick was neat, and he'd tell me all...
  12. x-grunt

    I need help!!!!

    I am going to hazard a guess that you are quite young - still in your teens? - and feel quite stuck. I am going to say something you may not want to hear. You have time to get what you want. Actually, lots of time. And you have other options - think them through. If you limit yourself to ROTP...
  13. x-grunt

    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Super Thread

    I fully understand that this is an older thread, but I wanted to acknowledge Mr Campbell's comments on this topic (quoted below, bold is mine). I thank you Mr. Campbell for your comments. There has been a lot of discussion about the QDJM that has largely been negative.  If any of you reading...
  14. x-grunt

    HMCS York Reserve traning.?

    I would suggest the best way to get this info straight and clear is to call their recruiting office directly. You can Google it-it's easy to find. FYI HMCS York is a stone frigate ( a building, not a ship).
  15. x-grunt

    Stay In Touch With Your Recruiter: My Story

    I wish you well with your application. I encourage you to keep at it. I'll piggy back with another example of the reason to stay in touch with the recruiter, even after being rejected for a postiion.  I went through a long process of re-enlistment, with many bumps and misfires. My unit...
  16. x-grunt

    Brisbane, Australia

    Congrats Dimsum, enjoy the posting. I just came back from a biz trip/vacation in Brisbane. I very much enjoyed the city. It's not a tourist hot spot like Sydney or Cairns but lots to see. I didn't see all the city, stayed fairly central around the CBD, Kangaroo Point, Milton etc. so I know that...
  17. x-grunt

    3 years for sex assaults of girl cadets

    Having read this I want to applaud the cadet instructor who, knowing the offender may prey on one of her charges, apparently sacrificed her own well-being to prevent this. Maybe she could have fought him off, and maybe not - but the initial article seems to indicate she protected her cadets by...
  18. x-grunt

    Toronto Star: Pride and regret for Canadian troops leaving Afghanistan...

    Searched and not found, so I thought I'd post it. full article on link http://www.thestar.com/news/world/afghanistan/article/991611--pride-and-regret-for-canadian-troops-leaving-afghanistan-as-mission-winds-up?bn=1 Pride and regret for Canadian troops leaving Afghanistan as mission winds up...
  19. x-grunt

    I'm asking for your support for a new charity - time sensitive

    To those of you who voted for my organization today, many thanks! Please vote again, you can vote once per day for us. 100K is on the line, and we have a good cause. Parents set the stage for a child.
  20. x-grunt

    Cross Badge on WWII Uniform

    Looks like a sword to me, rather then a cross. Maybe a dagger, but more likely a sword. Perhaps it's a formation badge? Sorry can't help further. Which army? That battledress was used by several Commonwealth and Free French forces.