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    Party Politics: The death of democracy

    I believe that we have reached the point in this country where the will, good and interests of the nation are a distant and tertiary second to the need, good and interests of the political parties. I'm not trying to single out the Liberals here, but their Leader has enunciated the policy...
  3. Reccesoldier

    The Fall of Stephane Dion

    Although I'm on the record here in other threads as thinking that Dion is merely a seat warmer for the Liberal King in waiting (Trudeau) I'm going to call it now that he will never be permitted to lead the Liberal Party in an election...
  4. Reccesoldier

    Randall's Salute

    This is how you teach your children to respect the past and remember the important bits.
  5. Reccesoldier

    Who the Hell do these guys think they are?

    I've been chewing on this a while, and this is the straw... In a democratic country we elect our leaders. Those leaders form the government and have an honour bound duty to lead the country. Inherent in that leadership is the fact that the people who form the government are elected for their...
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    While I know that there are some here familiar (probably more familiar than I) with the concept of Objectivism I was wondering what other views people have of this phylosophy. For those unfamiliar with it here is everything you wanted (or didn't want) to know and more.
  7. Reccesoldier

    Are you angry yet?

    This will do it.
  8. Reccesoldier

    Is it time to get totalitarian?

    Aboriginals are promising a summer of protest and the question of Quebec separation remains.  Is it time that the RoC tell these factions to get with the program or get out of our country? By the way, out means out.  No sovereignty association, no right to the Canadian Dollar, Canadian Defence...
  9. Reccesoldier

    Is it time for Direct Democracy to make a comeback?

    I believe the Internet has the potential to return us to direct democracy.  If every bill were published on line along with all the information for and against it, would it not be a relatively simple thing to enable individual citizens to cast their votes for or against any legislation? I...
  10. Reccesoldier

    Some murderers deserve to be forgive more than others

    http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20070403/dragging_death_070403/20070403?hub=Canada W...T...F??? This is a dangerous and discriminatory precedent.  Expect this monster to raise it's ugly head each and every time a visible minority is convicted of a crime in this country...
  11. Reccesoldier

    UN "human rights"

    Beware, the truth will not be tolerated in the UN.  :'( http://www.unwatch.org/site/apps/nl/content2.asp?c=bdKKISNqEmG&b=1313923&ct=3698367 Reproduced under the fair use provisions of the copyright act.
  12. Reccesoldier

    So, where is the UN?

    UN General Assembly Resolutions PDF GA-R 60/32/A+B, 7.12.2005  (PDF, 148K) PDF GA-R 59/112/A+B, 8.12.2004  (PDF, 148K) PDF GA-R 58/27/A+B, 5.12.2003  (PDF, 74K) PDF GA-R 57/113/A+B, 6.12.2002  (PDF, 62K) PDF GA-R 56/220/A+B, 21.12.2001  (PDF, 59K) UN Security Council...
  13. Reccesoldier

    Thinking outside of the Red / Blue box

    I already posted this on another Canadian politics site I belong to but the people there seemed more inclined to political partisanship than actually thinking along a completely different track, so I thought I'd bring it here and see what Army.ca pundits could do with it.
  14. Reccesoldier

    Dag Hammarskjöld Medal: Looking for NOK

    Hi all. I've just recently become the new Medals Distribution supervisor at DHR and was informed that there are a number of Dag Hammarskjöld Medals that DHR was unable to find the appropriate recipients for.  I started to think that with the large military community on this site we might be...
  15. Reccesoldier

    Blood-sport Politics

    Being in opposition as they are, the Liberals seem to have forgotten the reason they are there.  In their rush to sieze the crown of leadership, it seems that no dirty trick shall remain unplayed, no subtrifuge is to distasteful.  Now perhaps the events of this week (the list scam and smears)...
  16. Reccesoldier

    An Arctic Cat for Canada?

    While Canada's terrain and climate is not unique it does present design problems for AFV's especially if those AFV's are to operate in the arctic (Deep snow, extreme temperatures). So my question is what design modifications would you consider to create an AFV to be able to operate in the...
  17. Reccesoldier


    Hi, I've got a simple question. Could one of you please tell me if there is a directive that states to the effect that an injured soldier must/should seek medical aid. If there is could you please post a link or cite the appropriate CFAO/DAOD/QR&O/whatever. I'd appreciate it. Cheers, Reccesoldier
  18. Reccesoldier

    Harper's long walk off a short pier?

    With all the recent goings on how many of you here believe that as a leader Harper is going to wear it in the long run for his handling of this whole mess?. I say yes. 1. He could have brought the government down on its budgetary a$$ in the first few days rather than abstaining. 2. By some...
  19. Reccesoldier

    Electoral Reform

    We've talked about a triple E senate, various voting systems but are these really the root of the problem? A friend of mine suggested that perhaps it isn't the way we get our elected representatives to the House of Commons but the fact that they pretty well have free reign once they are there. ...