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  1. COBRA-6

    WTS: Duty/MOLLE Belts and Desert Boots

    Thinning out the gear pile. Pics are for reference, not actual items. Original SWAT Desert Boots - 10.5 Wide - Unworn - $100 Bates M9 Desert Assault Boots - 9.5 (fit like 10.5) - Unworn - $150 CTOMS.ca X-Belt QR - Lg 34-38" - Coyote Tan - Unworn - $85 ICE Tactical MOLLE Battle Belt -...
  2. COBRA-6

    WTS - Meindl Safari Desert Boots - 10.5

    Unworn Meindl Safari desert boots. Marked UK 9 - EU 43 but fit like a US 10.5. Same as here. Yours for $250 + shipping. EMT preferred. First "I'll take it" gets them.
  3. COBRA-6

    Last orders for troops arriving for daily duty with hangovers

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/Afghanistan/article6825321.ece This is nothing new to anyone who has served in Kabul...
  4. COBRA-6

    Why Mexicans Don't Drink Molson

    Why Mexicans Don't Drink Molson: Rescuing Canadian Business From the Suds of Global Obscurity By Andrea Mandel-Campbell http://www.andreamandelcampbell.com/book.htm I first heard about the book when visiting a friend who works for an accounting firm in Bermuda. Why, he asked me, is Bermuda...
  5. COBRA-6

    Disabled veterans jeered at swimming pool

    Disabled veterans jeered at swimming pool By Thomas Harding, Lucy Cockcroft and Brendan Carlin Last Updated: 1:47am GMT 25/11/2007 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/11/22/narmy322.xml Unbelievable!  >:(
  6. COBRA-6

    Test your geography IQ

    Warning, this game/quiz is addictive! Don't start unless you have time to burn!!  ;D http://minijuegos.com/juegos/html/index.php?id=5974 It took me a while to get to the last level!
  7. COBRA-6

    Australian Armoured Engineer question

    Do the Aussies use Leo 1 AEV's? I have searched around the web but can't find any ref to Armd AEV's. Anyone?
  8. COBRA-6

    Singapore Army Recruiting Ad

    Pretty good. I've been on course with officers from Singapore, they are switched-on. It's also a awesome place to visit, maybe I can get an exchange posting! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xd064_tvclivetobeyourbest
  9. COBRA-6

    Cobra Carbine

    Well it's been a while in the making, but today I put the finishing touch on my carbine project. I have some leave coming up that I plan to spend at the range  ;D  Here she is: A rundown: - Rock River Arms Elite CAR UTE 2 16" mid-length - Larue Tactical 9.0 free float rail system - Tango...
  10. COBRA-6

    Canadian War Poster Collection

    Just stumbled across this site the other day: McGill Canadian War Poster Collection In the search field select WWI or WWII and browse through, they have some good ones. I ordered a few prints, I'll let you know the turnaround time and quality when they arrive. I HAD to buy this one, beware of...
  11. COBRA-6

    Now that's Old School!

  12. COBRA-6

    Quickclot back in for USSOCOM forces

    Posted at lightfighter.net...
  13. COBRA-6

    Who wants CADPAT rain gear!?!

    Are you tired of being wet in the field? Having to chose from being wet from the rain or soaked in sweat? Don't want to wait years for clothe the soldier to field the new one? Can't find a Air Force member to roll for his CADPAT GORETEX rain jacket?? Well there is hope, the folks at ICE...
  14. COBRA-6

    The 2006 Stanley Cup Playoff Thread

    Let's get it going shall we?? GO SENS GO!!!!
  15. COBRA-6

    Browning Hi-Power on G&A Top 10 Handguns that Changed History

    Picked up the Feb 06 issue of Guns & Ammo at the PX last week, opened it up and staring back at me on page 58 is an identical pistol to the one strapped to my leg! The Browning Hi-Power was chosen as one of the top 10 influential handguns, primarily because it was the "first practical...
  16. COBRA-6

    DART team headed for Pakistan

    Canada's DART team headed for Pakistan, PM says CTV.ca News Staff Canada's Disaster Assistance Response Team will be deployed to earthquake-shattered areas of Pakistan, Prime Minister Paul Martin announced Friday. "This deployment will provide added value in response to the current crisis...
  17. COBRA-6

    220 Reservists Needed for TF 03-06

    Was given this link by a friend of mine, looks like LFCA will deploy 220 Reservists as part of TF 03-06, which includes the D&S Pl at Mirage. The flyer is being distributed at EX SG 05 right now, to ensure wide distribution. http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/lfca/ExstalwartGuardian/documents/brochre.doc
  18. COBRA-6

    M113A3 for Kandahar?

    Got to see some re-worked M113's w/turret recently in Pet, the users said with the new suspension and engine they really haul ass.
  19. COBRA-6

    Mutha Ruka

    New kit porn from Dropzone   ;D http://www.dropzonetactical.com/backpacks/mutharuka.html
  20. COBRA-6

    LED kit for Mini MagLite

    Just received a kit to convert my Mini Maglie 2AA from the standard incandescent bulb to a 3LED powered light. I bought it because the mini-maglite fits into that little sleeve on the TV, and I could use the normal red filter with it. Installation was dead-easy and I'm very pleased with the...