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  1. Canadian.Trucker

    Review of Canadian History & Emphasis of Canadian Military Heritage

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2013/06/14/f-sunday-edition-government-history.html Was reading through cbc.ca (something I try to not do a regular basis anymore as it grates on me), but I found this article interesting as I did not know the Federal Government was doing a review of Canadian...
  2. Canadian.Trucker

    Trailer floor repairs/replacement

    Background: Bought a 2002 R-vision Trail-Lite Bantam 19ft Hybrid trailer this past Fall for the family to go camping in.  When I bought it I knew it had some issues and would need some repairs in the Spring.  Seeing as how I was able to pick it up for about $2,500 below what the trailer has been...
  3. Canadian.Trucker

    Trailer rental?

    My wife and I just bought a trailer this weekend, and are thinking about renting it out every now and then.  So I was wondering if on army.ca there would be a place to post rental/lending of equipment etc. I figure since this is a pretty large community maybe there was the opportunity for...
  4. Canadian.Trucker

    Class A reservists that need help

    Recently I was talking with some of the guys that were in my Platoon overseas.  As we talked more and more I found that some of them were struggling since returning home.  I asked if they had sought help or at least looked into what services could be provided for them, or if I could do it for...
  5. Canadian.Trucker

    Chat access

    Hey mods, I know the chat may not get used very much, but I noticed the other day that I don't have access to the subscribers only part of the chat room. Thanks.
  6. Canadian.Trucker

    Patches/airborne kitshop items

    Wondering if anyone knows a good website for patches.  I've looked on dstactical but I'm specifically trying to find Canadian Military morale style patches for such things as airborne, remembrance, etc.  I have seen some sites where it's possible to custom order patches, but most of them are in...
  7. Canadian.Trucker

    G&SF Avatar?

    Hey guys, was wondering if it was possible to have a Grey and Simcoe Forester avatar for the profile?  I attached one as a possible option, thanks.
  8. Canadian.Trucker

    Personal Story

    So what can I expect on a basic para?  Any info is appreciated. Just kidding guys!  Don't hit me *cringes* So I'll explain why I put this in the homefront section. After 7 years of begging and wishing for a basic para I have finally been placed on a course.  It starts Monday running from 23...
  9. Canadian.Trucker

    CF pension transferrable to OPP?

    I know that a CF pension is able to be transferred to the RCMP, but I was recently told by a friend that the OPP was now allowing CF members to transfer their pensionable time as well.  I searched the OPP website but didn't find any info regarding this, does anyone have any info on this being a...
  10. Canadian.Trucker

    The Lost Regiments of Grey County

    If you're in the Owen Sound area I suggest stopping in and checking out the museum.  They have a "Lost Regiments of Grey County exhibit" ongoing until 09 May 12, so for any history buffs it's a good step into the past. http://www.greyroots.com/exhibitions/upcoming-exhibits/?I=880
  11. Canadian.Trucker

    SWASM being awarded after the fact?

    Okay, I did do a search through the forums and I know the discussion of eligibility for both the SWASM, GCS and GSM has been heavily discussed.  I looked through the 2011 CANFORGENS and also tried to google the SWASM but did not find the answers I was searching for. Basically I was talking with...
  12. Canadian.Trucker

    Battlefield 2 (video game)

    I was tempted to hijack medic269's thread about Halo 3 but didn't think it would be fair. Anyone ever played this?  I love it.  Granted I've been addicted to video games since getting my first PC in '97, but I really like this game.  It's a bit boring sometimes if you play by yourself, because...
  13. Canadian.Trucker

    Beefed up security

    It's about time. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/ottawa/story/2006/07/27/security.html I remember when I first moved to Ottawa in '02 and you could drive underneath NDHQ between the North and South towers.  They eventually blocked that off and had a guardhouse with a car as a gate to block access.  I...
  14. Canadian.Trucker

    Well wishes.

    We have 11 personnel deploying to Afghanistan very shortly.  The first group departs in a little less than a weeks time.  Most are with the 1RCR battle group, but at least one is with CIMIC.  This is the largest single group from my unit that we have deployed in a very long time for overseas...
  15. Canadian.Trucker

    Phase 4/DP 1.2 Inf. Offr

    Had a question on how hard it is for a Reserve Infantry Officer to get onto the Reg. Force Phase 4 course?  I have all Reg Force quals, right from IAP and I'm going to be completing Phase 3 this summer.  Granted, it's not for sure that I'll pass the course, but I wanted to know for my own...
  16. Canadian.Trucker

    Courses for Officers.

    Out of curiosity, come up within the next 1-2 years I would like to get some extra courses under my belt.   I know the basic para is available, but how often are officers on it?   I suppose numbers are not available because it's all in what unit bids on those spots for it's soldiers. Also...