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  1. Sythen

    Quick question about Remembrance Day

    I've never gone to a ceremony outside of uniform, as the crowds really bothered me. This year, due to events, I want to attend the ceremony at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. I know its ok to just put your medals on your jacket, etc.. My question is, do people wear their berets? I've heard...
  2. Sythen

    Canadian Military Memorials in Europe.

    I am planning a Europtrip, with the intention of visiting all the Canadian military memorials in the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany. I could use a little help with the planning stage. My googlefu is very weak. According to Wikipedia there are 4 Canadian memorials in the UK...
  3. Sythen

    The 10 year old boy who called in the Marines

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6mZhly5tMU Just a funny little story from the UK that I thought others might enjoy.
  4. Sythen

    Pilot error on Sunwing flight caused CF-18 fighter jets to scramble

    Not sure if this would be the right forum, so move if required. http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/pilot-error-on-sunwing-flight-caused-cf-18-fighter-jets-to-scramble-1.1173510 More on link. The part of this that really annoyed me is: Is it now SOP for the Left leaning news outlets to include...
  5. Sythen

    Guy puts camera on his remote controlled F-16

    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=3bd_1356778885 Neat little video. Flying starts around 01:10.
  6. Sythen

    A Memory of Light - Midnight releases?

    I know its not a military book, but I've checked google and called a few places (Chapters, Walmart, a few book stores). I've waited over 10 years for the end of this series and would love someone forever if they knew anywhere in Ottawa doing a midnight release of it?
  7. Sythen

    NATO and not EU deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

    Couldn't think of which forum would be most appropriate. Shared with the usual caveats: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/commentary/editorials/nato-and-not-eu-deserves-the-nobel-peace-prize/article4610119/ More on link. I would think the end of anyone taking the Peace Prize seriously was when...
  8. Sythen

    Three purposes of military punishment - Anyone know them off hand?

    Just had a debate with one of my coworkers about the death penalty, and was trying to remember.. Its been a couple years since my last hatless dance, but I remember the OC would always say something like there were 3 goals of the punishment.. And for the life of me, I can't remember them.. One...
  9. Sythen

    Russian military build up.

    I couldn't find a Russian Megathread, so decided to start one. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/7919113/Russia-approves-65-per-cent-defence-budget-increase.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/feedarticle/10386480 More on both links. I know there was an article not...
  10. Sythen

    Global Arms Trade

    http://googleblog.blogspot.ca/2012/08/a-new-way-to-visualize-global-arms-trade.html Neat little graph mapping the arms trade. May not be 100% applicable to Canadian gun control, but I felt this was the most appropriate spot to put it.
  11. Sythen

    Sun Media seeks a few good writers

    Slightly off topic, but maybe a good outlet for some of the members here who are more articulate and informed than myself. http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/archives/sunnews/straighttalk/2012/08/20120802-124614.html As a Right leaning news network, Sun News might appreciate someone who is willing...
  12. Sythen

    New Jihadi Training Method: Sodomy?

    http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/archives/sunnews/world/2012/07/20120712-153608.html I couldn't find an appropriate existing topic to put this under, so here's a new thread. Anyone else immediately think of man love Thursdays? Maybe if a mod wants, can change the name of the topic and make a...
  13. Sythen

    Happy Canada Day!

    Have a great Dominion Day everyone!
  14. Sythen

    Site having issues, or is it just me?

    For the past couple days, I haven't been able to see the quote, word of the day or today in military history thingies on the right side of the page? Like the space is there for it, but its not showing the specific daily thing.. For instance it says Military Quote, but there is no quote written...
  15. Sythen

    Should Canada leave the UN?

    Maybe time for a UN dedicated thread? Either way, this article on Yahoo: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/canada-politics/conservative-mp-larry-miller-suggestion-canada-consider-leaving-174054604.html I know its been sort of touched on a few times in other threads, but I would love to see...
  16. Sythen

    Crayon gun dad seeks justice

    http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/canada/archives/2012/05/20120523-173017.html More on link. This was discussed a lot in the gun control debate thread, but since it might take a life of its own on, I decided to start a new topic. If mods disagree, just move to that thread. EDIT: err wrong...
  17. Sythen

    The merged BIEBER thread; for those who feel the need to talk about him.

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2137691/Marines-pose-Justin-Bieber-t-shirts-Afghanistan-base.html I know it says Marines and its a British news site, but these guys are most definitely Canadian as they were in my COY overseas. I know all 4 of them lol. They were originally posted here...
  18. Sythen

    Help to identify a couple medals, please?

    My father gave me these when I was very young and said they belonged to his grandfather.. Obviously one is from WW1, but not sure if the other is even a medal.. And I am not really sure how to post pics into a post (probably easy but lazy right now) here's a link to where I posted them...
  19. Sythen

    Ontario Appeal Court decriminalizes brothels

    Couldn't find an appropriate previous topic to put this in and felt this was the best board. Feel free to move (as if you need my permission) http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/TopStories/20120326/appeal-court-decision-canada-sex-trade-laws-120326/ Even made the news in the US...
  20. Sythen

    RCAF MP fined for sleeping on job while guarding PM's aircraft

    http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/canada/archives/2012/03/20120324-182156.html A quick search didn't show anyone else had posted this: One good thing I see is that Sun News does actually read comments, because shortly after posting mine they corrected the errors in the title and story. On...