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  1. JRH93

    DP1 mods 1 and 2

    Anyone on course in meaford this summer? june 24 here
  2. JRH93


    I am a new member in the CAF (1 year) and I was given a numbered DPALC coin. I am wondering what coins are, I realise its a token but I am looking for the history behind it, how are they earned, how many coins are out there, what do you do with them. Any information would be appreciated. DD
  3. JRH93

    question regarding bmq(reserves)

    wasn't appropriate
  4. JRH93

    packing the 82' ruck

    The search buttons been temporarily disabled, so I cant tell if this is already a topic. ??? ??? Does anyone have good information on how to properly wear and pack the rucksack? -in the main sleeping bag; do i pack the liner, ground sheet and ranger blanket in the 2 sleeping bags then put it...
  5. JRH93

    any help would be appreciated

    Good day to all, Im looking to be pointed in the right direction here... I was going through my great grandfathers picture frame that has some of his old items in it (badges, id discs, pictures, juno beach plaque and old currency. I noticed he had a badge...