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  1. condor888000

    Unread Thread Icon

    Maybe its just me, but the old "New" button seems to have disappeared and been replaced with this guy(:crybaby:). Just wondering if it was intentional, or whats going on...
  2. condor888000

    South Park

    I'm not sure how much this'll be appreciated, but if you go to the following site it is possible to watch any South Park episode through the miracle of quicktime. http://www.piczo.com/allaboutsouthpark?g=11332344&cr=3 I have been here for about the last 4 days......sad ain't it? :D
  3. condor888000

    Smaller cars.

    I've been put in the nice position of having the means to afford a new car when I turn 18. I'm all set with regards to insurance, gas and such, but my big thing is reliability. I've been out testdriving and have found a couple cars that I like, but I don't trust a lot of the online resources out...
  4. condor888000

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    Weezer - Island In The Sun
  5. condor888000

    Duck Hunt!!!!

    How many of you played duck hunt when you were younger? And more importantly how many of you hated that damned dog!!!! :rage: If so, try out this game, when it loads, click on option "d". Bye bye puppy.... >:D >:D
  6. condor888000

    What will you do?

    This poll is set up to run for two days. I was just thinking of all my seniors and friends who have/are planning to join the military. I was wondering who here was, and why? I am most likely going to apply for RMC next year. If I'm not accepted I'm planning on applying as a DEO after I finish...
  7. condor888000


    Who‘ll win the cup?