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  1. GINge!

    AVGP Recce Variant

    AVGP "Weasel" LdSH(RC) Recce Troop...
  2. GINge!

    LAV-III Air Defence Variant

    LAV-III ADV of 128 Air Defence Battery equipped with quad plasma cannons in the 40 megawatt range...
  3. GINge!

    Cougar EROC kit

    Looks pretty close to the ones we first had in Afg?
  4. GINge!

    Buffalo EROC model kit

    I think this is close the some of the early ones we had in Afg? I think I'll get one, and raise the roof line to make it like one of the Ambulances that went to Kabul.
  5. GINge!

    Leopard 2A4M CAN 1/35 model kit coming soon

    From Hobbyboss:
  6. GINge!

    M-113 TUA coming soon

    From Legend Productions. Resin conversion for Academy M-113 kit. We'll need to get the Diehl tracks from HKCW or AFV Club, but otherwise, it looks really good:
  7. GINge!

    ADATS kit in resin, coming soon

    1/35 ADATS conversion for Academy M-113 kit. Resin & photo-etch by Legends.
  8. GINge!

    Lepard C2 MEXAS in styrene

    From Takom, out in Jan 2014.
  9. GINge!

    Deal Alert: Canadian Cougar AVGP 1/35 scale, $22 shipped

    Ordered 2 and they got to my door in 12 days, no tax/duty either. Neat little kit. If you are considering getting  into Canadian AFV modelling, this is a very good deal and good beginner kit: http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=TP01504
  10. GINge!

    New M-109 kit

    Good news for the Gunners, new tool M-109 on the way from AFV Club:
  11. GINge!

    1/35 RG-31 Mk III coming soon

    Box art out now. Not sure if it will have (or require) additional parts to make a Canadian version.
  12. GINge!

    Centurion Twin Forty, HQ Sqn RCD, 1971.

    This model depicts the Centurion Air Defence version used for integral AD by the RCD's while they were in Germany as part of 4 CMBG. Each Armd Regt was equipped with one Sqn of AD with 16 gun systems in a Sqn. Purchased in conjuction with the Centurion MBT, the "Twin Forty" also went through...
  13. GINge!

    BGen Rockingham's M8 Greyhound CP

    I've been wanting to build something from the Korean War for some time, and found a grainy  B&W photo of BGen Rockingham's tactical CP (?) from Korea. I had the Tamiya M8 kit handy, so with one photo, I decided to try this conversion. Of course, once I had it painted, a friend provided me about...
  14. GINge!

    AVGP Cougar now out

    Picked up the Trumpeter Cougar from the local shop last week. Looks pretty good! Looks to be the first upgrade version; still has skinny tires and turret box instead of basket, but marine drive covers are installed and the dual shocks are there, so figure its accurate for a 1987-1994 +/-...
  15. GINge!

    Leopard 2A4M CAN conversion available

    Available from Y-Modelle out of Germany. Kit is designed for the 1/35 Hobbyboss Leopard 2A4 kit. This one does not have the barracuda cam net, so I don't think it can depict an in-service tank. http://shop.y-modelle.de/umbausatz-leopard-2-a4m-canada-p-438.html Price is around 41 Euros with...
  16. GINge!

    LAV-TUA Build

    Here's the Trumpeter kit. I reckon I am 4-5 hours into it so far. The plan is to build it straight from the box, with no additional after-market parts or scratch building. Kit includes some PE POL/H2O can holders. The fit is not great as the joining edge does not take into account the stepped...
  17. GINge!

    Grizzly and Cougar coming out soon

    Wow, good times to be a modeller of Canadian AFV's. Looks like Trumpeter had the test shots of the Grizzly and the Cougar at the Tokyo. Grizz appears to be final production variant (no marine drive, Bison mirrors), while the Cougar looks to be early (marine drive, coofin box instead of turret...
  18. GINge!

    LAV-III LORIT conversion for Trumpeter kit

    Coming soon from Real Models. Also, detail set for the Trumpeter LAV-III:
  19. GINge!

    Picture request: RCMP TAV II (de-turreted AVGP Grizzly)

    Hello, I'm wondering if some RCMP member might have access to the TAVII & would be willing to provide some digital photos? Generally, I am looking for pics of the mods done and 'walk-arounds' of the vehicle. Technical / Tactical info appreciated, but understood if opsec prevents its release...
  20. GINge!

    1/35 Leopard 2A6M Cdn in plastic

    Looks like the Hobbyboss kit will be out soon, around August. http://www.hobbyboss.com/82458.html Looks like everything we need to make the Cdn version is in the box - slat armour, Cdn markings, GPMG, "T" Antenna mounts. No word on a price, but previous iterations of their Leopards (2A4...