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  1. ProPatria031

    Joining CSOR early

    I have roughly 1 1/2 years in (10 months in Battalion). I have heard many stories about guys getting onto there SOBQ right out of battleschool. so I went ahead and applied but my CSM turned it down, I talked to the recruiter and he said he is sorting it out for me. I just want to know what are...
  2. ProPatria031

    Haulin' the C9 and/or C6

    the other day I  put my hand up and volunteered for the C9 (because it's my baby  :rofl: ). but the problem is is sure I was able to haul the c@ck sucker around in battle school but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it battalion. so if any of you "spartan" types  :pushup: could give a few...