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  1. CdnArtyWife

    For the ladies: Happy Period! WARNING- Not for squeemish men!

    In keeping with Vern's posts re: womenly issues and our struggles with them. I thought this would be appreciated. Enjoy ladies! CAW Have a Happy Period This is (supposedly) an actual letter sent to Proctor and Gamble regarding their feminine products. She really gets rolling after the first...
  2. CdnArtyWife

    I'm an Army Wife...Now What? Comedy special on CBC

    Hi all, A friend and neighbor of mine happens to be not only an Army Wife but also a professional comedienne. I've managed to provide her with a few stories that have been worked into her material...(margarine skating). Anyway, she has a national special airing on CBC on Monday 8 Oct. Here is...
  3. CdnArtyWife

    Great Song for the Troops, free to download

    Anyone who's been to the sandbox, or anyone who is going, or anyone who's loved one has been there....heck...everyone, will appreciate this one. Written and performed by down-home, Maritime boy Matt Minglewood. You can get  it here: http://www.mattminglewood.com/AudioClips.html
  4. CdnArtyWife

    Armed barricaded soldier surrenders to RCMP

    Armed barricaded soldier surrenders to RCMP Internet comments alert military police Trish Audette, The Edmonton Journal Published: 1:37 am Article Link EDMONTON - Armed and alone, a troubled Edmonton soldier barricaded himself inside his Gibbons home for more than two hours Sunday morning...
  5. CdnArtyWife

    Capt Francis, Capt Dawe, M/Cpl Bason, Cpl Anderson, Cpl. Bartsch, Pte. Watkins

    Six Nato troops killed in southern Afghanistan By Matthew Moore and agencies Last Updated: 4:44pm BST 04/07/2007 Article Link Frontline: Reports from British war zones around the world Six Nato troops and their Afghan interpreter have been killed after their vehicle hit a roadside bomb in...
  6. CdnArtyWife

    "Notes From Home" book of support

    MCpl Renay Groves will be traveling the country stopping at various base/wing/bde with her book of support for the troops in effort to get handwritten comments of support from Canadians. This project is fully endorsed by the CDS and a ppt briefing can be seen here. Please spread the word...
  7. CdnArtyWife

    George W. Bushisms

    A friend has a "one a day" calendar of George W. Bushisms and I took to reading it in my half innebriated state last night. It made me wonder what some of the folks here would consider their favorite Bushism? For easy reference, you can find many at this site...
  8. CdnArtyWife

    Happy Father's Day to our Milnet.ca Dads!

    Since "the hubster" and father of my children is in the sandbox and we can't celebrate Father's Day properly, I'd like to extend a jubulant "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!" to all the Dads in Milnet.ca world. May you get your round of golf, catch several fish, play with your new toys, er I mean tools, and...
  9. CdnArtyWife

    CBC's Derek Stoffel taking comments and questions

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/inside-media/2007/06/derek_stoffel.html I'd like to see some of our articulate Army.ca members pose a few poignant questions to help open the eyes of the general Canadian public.
  10. CdnArtyWife

    Fatal Accident in PEI claims life of Oromocto woman

    Fatal accident in PEI leaves Oromocto woman dead June 07, 2007 - 10:11 am By: Tara Clow Article Link HARTSVILLE,  PEI----An Oromocto woman is dead after an accident near Hunter River, PEI. RCMP were called to the scene of the fatal crash in Hartsville last night at around eight o'clock. A...
  11. CdnArtyWife

    Hilarious video: Clark, the Canadian Hockey Goalie

    I thought the folks around here would appreciate this: http://attaboy.ca/archives/2007/02/000986.php
  12. CdnArtyWife

    Identity crisis: "Intelligence is a trade, not a requirement"

    Okay folks, get your coffees and get comfy, this may get long winded. I've scoured the CFRC website and the INT Association websites, I have read almost all the threads here regarding INT. So far I've been able to get a bit of info regarding INTOP, but not really all that much on INTOfficer...
  13. CdnArtyWife

    SOPs for Comms Lockdown out of A-stan?

    I'm incredibly inept with the search function...so far I've come up with only two threads concerning comms lockdowns. I don't know if that is because that is all there is, or if it is because I can't properly use the search function. At any rate, I'm just wondering if there is a standard...
  14. CdnArtyWife

    "It's hard to fathom" just one guy's perspective from KAF

    First, I'd like to say I wasn't sure which forum this would best be suited in. So, to the mods, feel free to move this to a more appropriate area. Second, my hubby wrote this and submitted it to one of the PAffOs with the TF. It may be appearing in one or several of the major newspapers on the...
  15. CdnArtyWife

    The First Sign of Canadian Spring....rrrrrrroll up the rrrrrrrrim (merged topic)

    It's rrrrrrroll up the rrrrrrrrim to win time again! Cheers, CAW
  16. CdnArtyWife

    Snow in Toronto... "where is the army?"

    Snow in Toronto, a CBC Special Report ;D "when I saw the snow I started screaming....where is the army, where are the police...?"
  17. CdnArtyWife

    Trouble differentiating between "Supporting Troops" and "Supporting the war"

    I wanted to share with you a response to an recent post on another message board. The author of the post is having difficulty differentiating between "Supporting the Troops" and "Supporting the War". They feel that since soldiers don't decide when or where they go into action, but go where they...
  18. CdnArtyWife

    Did anyone else run the Cabot Trail?

    I know I saw Al Luomala there, but he didn't know I was there. Btw, Al, great job tackling North Mountain on Leg 9!! I am impressed! Me? I did leg 7...not very fast...but I did it!
  19. CdnArtyWife

    66 Dead in Afghanistan Fire Fight

    http://www.cbc.ca/cp/world/060522/w052240.html 50 Taliban, 16 civilians dead after coalition forces attempt to capture leaders 16:28:32 EDT May 22, 2006 BOB WEBER
  20. CdnArtyWife

    Canadian Soldier punches Athiest Professor...HOAX or Truth??

    I have received this email from several different people over the years, and each time I wonder to the validity of it. I have searched Hoaxbusters and Snopes as well as a few other hoax sites. But I have come up with nothing. Now I realize that not finding it on a hoax site does not mean it is...