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  1. Lance Wiebe

    Wanted to hire: Small Arms Trainer operator in Edmonton

    I am looking to hire a small arms trainer operator at Edmonton Garrison. The ideal operator will have an Infantry background, be qualified DP3A and have a Small Arms Instructor course. Experience operating the SAT not required, I will train any suitable candidate. For further information, either...
  2. Lance Wiebe

    Wanted to hire: Small Arms Trainer operator in Cold Lake

    Anyone in the Cold Lake area want a job operating the SAT Trainer? The ideal candidate will be DP3A qualified, with experience in running small arms ranges as an FPO or RSO. Experience with the SAT not required, but it would be nice. I will train any suitable candidate to operate. Any interested...
  3. Lance Wiebe

    I need part time SAT operators in Wpg & Borden plus an IFT operator in Petawawa

    As part of a new contract, I am hiring SAT and IFT operators for the major RCAF and Army Bases. I have found good candidates in all locations, except these three. Ideally, the SAT operators will have an Infantry background, and have achieved a minimum rank of DP3A. The positions in Borden and...
  4. Lance Wiebe

    Lorenzo (Larry) Perron passed away 13 Feb 2014

    Larry served with various Regiments during his 33 years including; the 8th Canadian Hussars, the Fort Garry Horse, 12e Regiment Blinde du Canada, the Royal Canadian Dragoons. His two major appointments included; -1980-1982 he became the 6th Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) of the 12e Regiment...
  5. Lance Wiebe

    WO Kevin Malott

    Heard it earlier today, but it was just released to the media. http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/Cyclist+killed+Highway+crash+near+Petawawa/7217929/story.html RIP, Kevin. It was an honour knowing you. My condolences to your family and friends.
  6. Lance Wiebe

    CF Ombudsman under fire

    Content/link removed in accordance with site owner direction Milnet.ca Staff
  7. Lance Wiebe

    Army.ca is worth.........

    $4755.40 http://www.websiteworthchecker.com/army.ca It looks like they use visits per unique viewers per day to estimate the value. Check out the values of EBay and Google!
  8. Lance Wiebe

    Pierre Berton's "Marching as to war"

    So, I recently found this book laying around on a shelf, and after having a quick look, I realized that I had never read it!  I have no idea how that happened.... So, I started reading it, obviously.  I'm still not quite done, but what a fantastic book!  Well researched, and full of...
  9. Lance Wiebe

    Well, I'm off to New Zealand

    I'm jumping on to an airplane later today, and 30 some hours later, I'll be landing in Palmerston North, New Zealand.  I'll be visiting all three major Army Camps, Waiouru, Linton and Burnham. I'll be returning 3 July, and, in anticipation of Canada Day, I bought a window mount Canada flag that...
  10. Lance Wiebe

    Leopard tank modified for "peace" Ops

    I ran across this, seems like an interesting piece of kit.  It's a Leopard 2A5 modified, which KMW calls the PSO for "Peace Support Operations" It keeps the normal armament, but also includes multiple cameras, a remote weapon station, a dozer blade, extra armour, "non-lethal weapons" (not...
  11. Lance Wiebe

    Canadian spy plane declared success, but, all of them crashed!

    <a href=http://highspeed.rogers.com/news/world/story.jsp?cid=w070873A>Story here</a> So, we spent 38 million on capital equipment procurement alone.   Broke every launcher and crashed every plane, so what we have now is broken parts. They managed to conduct 100 missions, an average of one...
  12. Lance Wiebe

    What would your army look like - 15 years from now?

    Using the last White Paper as my guide, I have tried to come up with a â Å“newâ ? army, in other words, if I was given, say, 5 billion dollars a year, for say, fifteen years, what would my army look like?  Of course, this is assuming that we do not go to war, the world doesn't drastically...