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  1. BKells

    Order reservists to train

    Most of us in the reserves are under the impression that we can't be ordered to train. I'm bored and started looking to see where that policy comes from. Section 33.2 of the National Defence Act (NDA) states that members of the Reserve force may be ordered to train for "such periods as are...
  2. BKells

    CFAO 2-12

    Looking for a copy of CFAO 2-12. I'm the PMC of my mess, need to review it to purchase some things, as my constitution references it. No, I don't have regular access to the DIN. (See: CLS' prorogation of the reserves) Thank you
  3. BKells

    Blackberry and DIN

    I know the Army issues blackberries to some people to receive their DIN e-mails. However, if you're not deemed important enough to be issued one, and you have your own, is there a way to receive your e-mails as well? Shouldn't require any extra effort on the part of the Army to do it.
  4. BKells

    Class C -> A/B IPC

    When I went on Class C, they added up my Class A/B days and worked out what IPC I was at. I went from Cpl (2) to Cpl (0) with 200 days to my name. Makes sense.. we only work once a week sometimes. Now that I've done 18 months Class C, I was told by someone when I went back to the reserves that...
  5. BKells

    To the Canadian Air Force

    Last week I flew back home after 7 months in Afghanistan. When our Airbus entered Canadian air space, we looked outside our window and were startled to see our plane being flanked by two CF-18 fighter jets. They were matching speed and baring and flying one on each side. We all went to the...
  6. BKells

    Income Tax Help.. relating to overseas exemption

    Just got back a few days ago. Time to do my taxes. I have my T4 from the CF.. I'm wondering what to tell my accountant about the taxes. On my T4, where it says employment income (box 14), is that my employment income for the last year including the tax-free income I received overseas? Does it...
  7. BKells

    Skydex Blast Protection

    I just bought the Skydex helmet pads in advance of my deployment in the next short while. Before I install them, I was wondering if anyone had any techincal data on the blast (not ballistic) protection provided by these pads versus the issued styrofoam/leather net. Specifically, I heard someone...
  8. BKells

    Hypothetical situation

    The majority of the Reservists slated to deploy on 3-08 are on Class C until the middle of the summer. The intent is to have them sign new contracts to see them through their deployment, assuming they pass their training. There's about 400 reservists in this situation. What would happen if they...
  9. BKells

    The Js

    What do the Js mean? Specifically, who/what is J9?
  10. BKells

    Dropzone 64 Pattern Assembly

    I just ordered the shoulder straps and hip belt from Dropzone. Can anyone provide me with any information on how to attach these best? Little bit confusing. How come army gear never comes with instructions..
  11. BKells

    3-08 Stream 4

    Anyone 'in the know' have an idea of what sort of positions will be available for stream 4? I put my name in for this last November and I'm curious as to the positions available. I know a lot of colleagues who have gone stream 3 (around 40 pers from the Camerons) in positions such as CIMIC...
  12. BKells

    Ex Maple Defender 2007 (LFCA PRes)

    Anyone have a copy of the poster they're using for this for advertisements? It's a lone soldier, with a bronze hue, and it says "Get your plane ticket" or something.
  13. BKells

    French Citizens

    Can French (read: France) citizens join the Canadian Army under any sort of concessions? I know that Canada and Britain have some sort of pact. I have a friend who moved here from France and is very interested in what I do and expressed interest in joining the Reserves.
  14. BKells

    American "Land Warrior" Project

    Wow, so that's what a $500 billion dollar defense budget gets you. http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/military_law/4215715.html Pretty cool shit.
  15. BKells

    Future DARPA projects

    http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/15.03/bemore.html?pg=1&topic=bemore&topic_set= Wired reports on a glove developed by Stanford researchers Dennis Grahn and Craig Heller which combines a cooling system with a vacuum in order to chill blood vessels and drastically reduce fatigue. Besides the...
  16. BKells

    3-08 CIMIC

    So the gears are in motion and the call-out has been issued, and everyone in LFCA is talking about 3-08. I've put up a memo requesting nomination for this tour. While I'd be satisfied with whatever role they give me, be it D+S... reg force augmentee, or whathaveyou, I'm quite interested in...
  17. BKells

    Why is the military at increased risk?

    http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2007/01/02/mrsa-superbug.html Why?
  18. BKells

    Physio in the NCR

    Anyone know of anyway for reserve military pers to get cheap/free physio? I'm based out of Ottawa. Is PSP at NDHQ a good place to check? I pulled my hamstring and I need to get this healed or I won't be able to go on any exercises.
  19. BKells

    Likelihood of getting on TF1-08?

    Ref: http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/lfwa/tf108/cmd_message.htm What's the likelihood of getting on TF 01-08 (it being a LFWA / 2PPCLI / 2CMBG tour), myself being a LFCA reservist? I'm going to submit a memo next week asking to be nominated. I have 2.5 years in, comms, drivers, DP2A, and PLQ mods 2-4.
  20. BKells

    NDHQ Dress Policy

    I'm a reservist and I live and go to school a few blocks from NDHQ. All last year I would show up at NDHQ in clean/neat civvies and go to the 5th floor and use the gym. It's a great gym and never really busy. When I say clean/neat civvies I mean maybe jeans and a collared shirt, or a sweater...