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  1. M Feetham

    Maritime Warfare Basic Course

    I am starting the course next week, i will let you know how it is.
  2. M Feetham

    NCI OP Question

    It is possible, but not very likely. The normal route is upon completion of BMQ, you report to Esquimalt for QL3 training. If you do not start trades training right away you go to PAT platoon. Normally they are employed around the base or complete other required training. They are trying very...
  3. M Feetham

    CANSOFCOM encounter with a civilian in Port Hawkesbury, N.S.

    I havn't seen/heard the video and this is actually the first i have heard of it. My questions are 1. If there was an MP on the scene why did this Adam guy get involved at all. Surely the MP could have handled it. 2. When there is some sort of exercise going on that could be seen by the public...
  4. M Feetham

    RIMPAC 2012

    Wicked cool pictures man, nice to see how the other half operates during these multinational exercises. Marc :salute:
  5. M Feetham

    Shelved Forces Ads Aimed at Aboriginals Offensive to the Point of Being Racist

    for those that wanted to know, we do indeed actively recruit aboriginal peoples into the CF, and we do focus on the long and storied history between aboriginals and the CF dating back to men like Tommy Prince and others. There is a huge section at the War museum in Ottawa that focuses on it. We...
  6. M Feetham

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Actually for most activities that involve children now you are required to have a background check. When i coached my daughters softball team i had to submit a form for the RCMP to the coordinator of the league for our area. However what could have happened is that as the individual was passing...
  7. M Feetham

    security contractor Blackwater trained Canadian troops without U.S. permission

    I thought Blackwater or Academi simply had a contract with the US government to provide security forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Primarily from what i understood for high ranking politicians and for convoys. I didn't realize that they were more directly under federal control. What will this do...
  8. M Feetham

    N.S. man creates first Canadian military action figures

    Where can i find them? :crybaby:
  9. M Feetham

    SAR Response Under the Gun Again

    I feel bad for the kid and his family. Why he was out there alone we will never know. I do know and i believe it 100% that the SAR Techs would have done whatever was necessary to help that young man. Unfortuneatley civilians only see a dead 14 yr old boy. They don't understand about CF flight...
  10. M Feetham

    N.S. man creates first Canadian military action figures

    I was reading some of the information on the back of the package in the picture and i think the company making these toys( they are cool!!) should talk to a few more people in the CF and update their informtion. Last time i looked Marine Canadienne was Canadian Navy, not Army, and the R22R is...
  11. M Feetham

    Stolen, found/returned medals (merged)

    It is also possible that said "Crack House" was not always a crack house. A previous owner my have left the medals there. There could be any number of reasons that they were there. The important thing here is that they were returned to the family.  :cdn: Marc
  12. M Feetham

    WWI explosive shell discovered in home

    You would be surprised at how often stuff like that happens. A number of years ago when i worked at the Dive unit in Shearwater, our EOD team received a call about an explosive at someones house. It turned out to be an old hand granade. It was sitting on this old guys mantle for years and years...
  13. M Feetham

    Lack of officers leaves army short of 'heart and soul'

    Im not in the army, but i can tell you that we have much the same problem in the navy. You see Slt's and LS getting promoted very quickly into positions that they don't always have a lot of experience for. For the Subbies, sometimes they are being sent on director level courses and have only...
  14. M Feetham

    Japan apologizes to former Canadian prisoners of war.

    I think this is huge. When i was a kid one of our neighbors had been a POW. He had lost an eye while there and i remember that every remembrance day he was at the parade. He lived next to our family for close to 10 years when he died. He would never talk about it to us kids but i remember my dad...
  15. M Feetham

    Ottawa School Cancels Remembrance Day Event

    Here is my two cents worth. Both of my kids are in junior high school and my oldest told me that last year the remebrance day ceremony they held was close to 2 hours long. They had several speakers and the usual reading of "In Flander's Field". My oldest girl told me on the evening of the 10th...
  16. M Feetham

    Remembering 9-11 (merged anniversary thread)

    So i'm sure by now everyone has seen the news about the Pastor in the States that wants to hold a book burning of the Quran. I am flabbergasted, not only is his intent to burn a holy book, but a book from a part of the world where the US, Canada and a host of other countries have troops...
  17. M Feetham

    Cenotaph/Memorial Vandalism/Solutions-Laws (merged)

    When I was a kid growing up in Fredericton, my friends and I would never have thought to do something like that, and beleive me we were no angels. To purposly destroy something that represents the sacrifice the people have made is truly saddening. Is this what parents teach their children now. I...