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  1. NCRCrow

    Canadian Ranger Red Hooded Sweaters

    Question to the Forum: I have had the privilege to work with the Canadian Ranger patrols in my career. I have the utmost respect and admiration for there skills, knowledge and dedication. I was at CFB HALIFAX and noticed a young sailor exiting A Block with a CRPG Red Hooded sweatshirt. I...
  2. NCRCrow

    Church Service to mark 20th Anniversary of loss HMCS MARGAREE divers

    Church Service to mark 20th Anniversary of loss HMCS MARGAREE divers at St Brendan's Chapel - 8 Feb at 1400     There will be a Church Service to mark the 20th Anniversary of the loss of HMCS MARGAREE's two divers (SLt Wells and MS Hynes) at 1400 on 8 February in St. Brendan's Chapel. The...
  3. NCRCrow

    Op CARIBBE Highlights (merged)

    http://thechronicleherald.ca/NovaScotia/1109036.html Warship helped catch cocaine boat By CHRIS LAMBIE Staff Reporter Sun. Mar 1 - 5:38 AM A Halifax-based warship helped nab a small boat laden with 600 kilograms of cocaine off the northeastern coast of South America earlier this month, the...
  4. NCRCrow

    Cocaine hunt on Navy warship

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1620848.ece seems the Kippers are having there own problems as well.
  5. NCRCrow

    CF Member Charged With Child Porn-Aug 6th- 2008

    Military officer in N.B. charged with child pornography offences 6 hours ago FREDERICTON — An officer based at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown in New Brunswick has been charged with child pornography offences. Second Lt. Joel Robert Charlebois has been charged by the Canadian Forces National...
  6. NCRCrow

    Anybody have any good Donair stories or favourites to eat (KOD, Roberts, Tonys)

    Donairs love or hate them, they are are part of the Halifax Naval culture.(Urban Legends) Any good stories, like using them as a pillow in your rack? Or having a Roberts Super Donair eating contest onboard IROQUOIS?
  7. NCRCrow

    MAJOR Dan Cooper Comics

    http://jfchalifoux.com/dan_cooper_pocket_3.jpg http://jfchalifoux.com/dan_cooper_mysteres_et_secrets.jpg http://jfchalifoux.com/references.htm     (scroll down on page) Does anybody remember reading these comics about Major Dan Cooper of Canada's Finest. From what I know and can remember...
  8. NCRCrow

    Sentinel Magazine 65-94

    Does anybody know if these magazines exist on-line? I love reading them and have been unable to find any links?
  9. NCRCrow

    Navy MS caught with Child Porn (see link)

  10. NCRCrow

    Formal Recognition for Sea Time?

    I would like to see some formal recognition for your sea time, maybe an insignia for your DEU or NCD jacket based on 5-12-18 yrs. Any thoughts?
  11. NCRCrow

    LS Leblanc Missing Sailor possibly found.

    RIP http://news.yahoo.com/s/cpress/20051013/ca_pr_on_na/lost_sailor_found_2
  12. NCRCrow

    Did you bring any bad habits/attitudes from the Reserves to the Regs!

    The question/discussion is prior service in the Reserves give you some bad habits or attitudes to the Reg Force? Is the reserves a good OJT for a career in the regs? Crow
  13. NCRCrow

    Has anybody heard about the new DND Bank? I have seen ads?

    Any comments or a link would be great! Crow
  14. NCRCrow

    Can Jet Military Discount? Are military dependants eligible for the discount?

    Curious to see if Can Jet includes dependants in there eligibility crit for the Military discount. Any feedback would be appreciated..... Crow
  15. NCRCrow

    Young Commissionaires!!! How come these able people are not in the CF?

    I find it weird to see younger people as a Commissionaire's, manning posts in here in the NCR and NDHQ. Before everybody attacks me (you can attack if u wish), I have nothing against the corp! Why not join up!!! See the world and make some decent coin! Crow
  16. NCRCrow

    Cadet Dress in Public

    Good Day to all Cadets. I have a question. Are Cadets subject to CF dress regs? I was in my local Canex yesterday and there was a Sea Cadet Corp there. I noticed Cadet PO's (Male with earrings) Females with Nose Rings and the male cadets, unshaven. I found this rather appalling........any info