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  1. enfield

    "Combat Days" in WW1 and 2 vs. today

    I'm posting this here as a reply to a tangent that developed in this thread: http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/58084.60.html. The Mods may want to clean this up, but I wanted to seperate the replies. I don’t have anything handy for other armies or WW2, but I will note I said “Allied”...
  2. enfield

    Bush proposes trimming Army Reserve

    Interesting adjustment of priorities. Could the trimming of Reserve combat support be related to increased use of private logistics companies? Or does he just want to trim the fat? Bush to Propose Trimming Army Reserve By LOLITA C. BALDOR, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON -    President...
  3. enfield

    A Company of Soldiers online

    Just a heads up, the documentary "A Company of Soldiers" is available to watch on the PBS website via streaming video. For those who missed it on TV, check it out. Good quality video - and an excellent documentary. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/company/view/ I realize there's...
  4. enfield

    Corruption on UN Missions

    Curious if any of those here with experience with UN missions have any comment on this story? From the second-hand info I've gathered (talking to people, books, accounts) this type of behaviour is fairly common on UN ops and by UN personnel. Does this point a further erosion of UN influence and...
  5. enfield

    Post-Tour Education Benefits

    After tour (Roto 11) last year we were briefed on the many education packages and benefits available to us as returning soldiers. However, as I understood it at the time, all of those education subsidies/bursaries/reinbursements were only for soldiers with a lot more Class C time/time in than I...
  6. enfield

    Military Myths

    Ok, I have a few military "urban myths" that I‘ve heard around and I‘d like to get them confirmed to denied... 1) A Cdn sniper tradition is to get a spider web tattoed on your elbow, and for each "kill" get a fly tattooed on. I‘m not sure I buy this one, though I have seen some Regs with this...
  7. enfield

    Academic Recognition of Military Experience

    I‘ve posted this on soccnet and the LFRR page, but I want to get as many responses as possible. I recently looked into getting academic credit for the upcoming CRIC Bosnia tour, but have discovered that there is no allowance at UBC for military experience, combined with some sort of academic...
  8. enfield

    Black Hawk Down

    In case anyone‘s wondering... it‘s a damn good movie. It follows the facts of the book, but not the timeline and I think it does a great job of portraying modern professional soliders in combat. It‘s not soul searching lik the Vietnam movies, nor is it a brainless action movie. I would say it is...
  9. enfield

    Canada‘s Reaction to Deployment

    I feel a need to post this observation. For the past two days since Canada announced it‘s participation in the current effort, I‘ve been watching CBC and reading various news sources and discussion boards, as all of us have. I‘ve seen policitians from all parties get together and say how much...