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    Traffic Tech Crse Sept 2007

    My first post on the new Air-Force.ca and I was looking find out if there are others who will be attending the Sept 07 Traffic Tech QL3 course.  Signing my offer tomorrow morning and off to PRETC next week. (Component Transfer) Cheers, kc
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    AC Op 3's - Upcoming Course Dates

    Curious if anyone has an idea of upcoming course dates for AC Op 3's (Aerospace Control Operator QL3).  I understand one has just started end April, so looking for the next couple of course dates.  Why you may ask?  Because my med file for the air factor rating has been sitting, fully...
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    March Madness - Selection Boards 07

    I'm starting this thread for those of us who have our completed applications into our local RC and are merited.  Some of the most interesting reading comes from old threads in this time of year, so eloquently called 'March Madness' by a member here some time ago.  Either the filling of the 06/07...
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    New recruiting numbers

    To everyone with an application in place or thinking about it, the new recruiting numbers for 07/08 are out( SIP, strategic intake plan).  I don't have all of the numbers, so please don't ask.  I found out from my CFRC yesterday, so I know what is available for the trades I applied for (CT). ...
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    Upcoming Fiscal Year Numbers

    Knowing that KinCanucks is no longer in a recruiting position, I thought I'd send out an early warning signal with regards to the 07/08 recruiting numbers and if available, will there be early intake. (As originally posted in the recruitng forum from 2005...
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    Being 'Med Fit' for boards

    I've searched this one out and read alot, but no luck. I've put in my CT, completed all testing with no issues.  However, I am waiting for the approval of my air factor medical. My first choice is image tech, second is AC Op. Q: Can I be merited for Image Tech as I've met all the recruiting...