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  1. TN2IC


    KANDALIED The cat is done. I hope you like it. Kandahar Highway 2008-09 RCD Quick Reaction Force Leopard 2MA6 1:35 scale All gave some. Some gave all. TN2IC :cdn:
  2. TN2IC


    I was able to get my hands on the AFV Club 1:35 British Dorchester. I was wondering if anyone knew if the Canadians used them in WW2 also? If so, where can I find a few pictures with markings on it? Cheers, Tom
  3. TN2IC

    FS: 1/35 Huskies from Trumpeter

    Hey folks,                 I got quite a few brand new model kits for sale. Dixon Hobbies is my shop. Please feel free to take a look. If there is anything missing or you would like to see. Or even a flaw on my site, please let me know. Cheers Tom
  4. TN2IC

    1:35 Huskies AVGP coming in

    I got an order of 1:35 Huskies AVGP, new release, coming in June. If anyone is looking for one or know someone that is into the model building hobby. Drop me a message. I accept Paypal. On other notes, I have a few LAV III's coming in next week too. 1:35 scale. Cheers, Tom Dixon Hobbies
  5. TN2IC

    Cougars for Sale... Meow

    1:35 Trumpeter Canadian AVGB Cougars... Early version and Improved. $35 CDN.. I do take paypal. 
  6. TN2IC

    FS: AK Interactive Sets

    Hey guys, I got some AK Interactive now in. I got the following in stock: Streaking Effects AK 062 $25 Mud Effects AK 061 $25 Dust Effects & White Spirit AK 060 $25 Weather Set for Early Panzers AK 072 $25 DAK Weathering Set AK 068 $25 White Spirit AK 011 $7 Cheers, Tom Dixon Hobbies...
  7. TN2IC

    FS: Books,Figures, Armour, Ships, Planes models

    FS: Books,Figures, Armour, Ships, Planes, Oh My! Hey Everyone!             I got a lot of items up for sale. I’m in middle of fund raising for my future hobby product line. I will ship to North America. Shipping is average $15 per parcel. For my non North American friends, email me and we...
  8. TN2IC

    Models for trade / Sale

    Figure I give this a try. I got the following up for a trade: Dragon Soviet T-80 1/35 Trumpeter German 3.7 Sd.kfz7/2 w/ammo trailer 1/35 Tayima Dragon Wagon 1/35 Sold Revell Corvette Flower Class 1/72 Sold Revell U-Boat Type VII C/41 Atlantic Version 1/72 Tayima German Jagdtiger 1/35 Trumpeter...
  9. TN2IC

    Trp. Tyler McRae RCD

    McRae, Tyler- 1990-2012- Trooper Tyler McRae passed away at Gagetown, New Brunswick on Sunday November 11, 2012 at the age of 22 years. Beloved son of Nellie (McRae- McGowan) (husband Alan). Dear brother of Morgan, Cameron. Also survived by his father Gordon Hunt and his children Ryan and...
  10. TN2IC

    Milnet.ca Failing?

    Is it just me or does it seems that Milnet.ca is less inviting these days?
  11. TN2IC

    Do you know this Guy? Jogger Pulling Out Cdn Flags @ Rem Day ceremony?

    Hurt Feeling Report was filed. Mod edit to clarify title/issue
  12. TN2IC

    New QL4 MSE Op Package

    I am laughing soooo hard..... I'm still crying..
  13. TN2IC

    I dare you...

    I dare you... ;D
  14. TN2IC

    What about after the deployment?

    Here is a link that I found. I figure it is helpful tool. Let's us know we are not alone. Afterdeployment.org
  15. TN2IC

    Tuxedo Party for Mayor

    Article Link Cat runs for mayor of Halifax Article Link Halifax mayoralty cat becomes internet star Facebook Page Media Library - Stan
  16. TN2IC

    9 Sept 2012: Soldiers' mental health programs get $11.4M boost

    Article Link from cbc.ca/news
  17. TN2IC

    I'm afraid to ask...

    I'm afraid to ask.. but what is a sausage bags? It was from milnews.ca guy and his post, on what Canada is buying. Should I be scared? And no I am not "googling" that one. :dunno: