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  1. Nieghorn

    Help identifying...

    ... this mystery item we found at our museum, tucked in with hammocks and a couple of stretchers. I'm not sure if it belongs in either category, though. Too long for an apron.  Best guess we could manage was some form of restraint or security device for medical use. Any input would be greatly...
  2. Nieghorn

    Mystery Item

    I work at a museum and found this among a collection of parts, gauges, etc. from RCN ships. Anyone know what it was used for?  (Coming from the bottom are electrical wires that have been cut short).
  3. Nieghorn

    Electrical Technician Badge

    By the title of the thread, I know what this but can anyone tell me what the symbols are? Cheers!
  4. Nieghorn

    "Wavy Navy" sleeve insignia?

    I work at a museum and this photo has stumped us all ... it doesn't look like a typical reserve sleeve insignia.  Possibly a "just heading off to war, haven't got my official ones yet" home made job by the missus? Thoughts?  Thanks!
  5. Nieghorn

    Sleeve Badges: Definitive Source?

    Is there a definitive source that can identify WWII / post-war trade, service, rank badges, etc for the Canadian military?
  6. Nieghorn

    Accounts by New Zealand Veterans

    This website was created by a man who compiled over 150 video interviews with Kiwi vets to preserve their personal histories.  Just got the link from a mate, so haven't gone too far into it, but looks like good stuff! http://www.kiwiveterans.co.nz/news.php Has anyone put together something...
  7. Nieghorn

    Heritage Minutes

    I know I'm not dreaming this, but there was a heritage minute which featured a Canuck peacekeeper getting in between a Turk and a Greek on Cyprus, right? I was browsing the videos at histori.ca and couldn't find it.  Emailed them, and the person who answered didn't know (assuming they were just...
  8. Nieghorn

    For people who love history documentaries . . .

    Some brilliant spoofs by the boys at "The Mr. Show with Bob and David" The Civil War:  The Re-enactments http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2XlSXcwJ3o The Limits of Science http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQaF4YXCXsc
  9. Nieghorn

    Historical Novels

    Does anyone know any good historical novels that would be accessible to youth?  Putting aside the classics and mid 20th century productions like the Hornblower series ... have there been more recent novels/series?
  10. Nieghorn

    Toronto Mayoral Race

    I knew Stephen Ledrew reminded me of someone!!!
  11. Nieghorn

    Movie - Flags of Our Fathers

    Has anyone seen this yet?  Thoughts? I'm also interested to see (I think it's called) 'Letters From Iwo Jima' filmed by Clint et al at the same time, looking at the Japanese perspective.  The IMDB says Ken Watannabe is cast as Gen. Kuribayashi.
  12. Nieghorn

    WWII Replica Gear

    Does anyone know of a company that would make one of these (have seen called 'windbluse' and 'windjacke' of the Gebirgsjagers)?  It seemed to be standard issue for those Gebirgs (mountain troops), worn by Burton, Eastwood, et al in Where Eagles Dare   ;)  I thought it'd be perfect for hiking...
  13. Nieghorn

    Foreign Soldiers in the SS/Wehrmacht?

    I've heard of SS Wiking and other foreign soldiers given the opportunity to fight for the Germans instead of spending their time in prison camps.  Today, while watching a pretty basic film on Canada's role in WWII, I noticed a line of German prisoners being marched somewhere in France and...
  14. Nieghorn

    Band of Brothers - the sequel!

    Okay, not really, but has anyone else heard that Hanks, Spielberg, and co are planning another HBO miniseries about WWII, but this time focussing on the Pacific Theatre?  It was mentioned to me today, so I did a search and found some articles talking about it being an intended project.  The...
  15. Nieghorn

    Books on Colonial Warfare?

    Just finished reading Roger's Rangers by Lt. Col. H.M. Jackson (1953).    Ever since I saw 'The Northwest Passage' with Spencer Tracy, I've been interested in this guy.  Pretty dry account of events, but it's the only book I've ever found written on him or 'special units' in colonial wars. I've...
  16. Nieghorn

    Dragon Models Action Figures

    Anyone collect these things?  The attention to detail is pretty impressive.  Thinking of getting one for my desk at work . . . Anyone recognize this face?  James Coburn in 'Cross of Iron' . . . the ones of actors and historical figures seem to be rare and more expensive.  I was looking...