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  1. mover1

    1950's Canadian Army Motor Cyclist Jacket

    Hey all Have two motorcyclists jackets Dated 1952 and 1 set of the riding pants. These are the over coats worn over the battledress and are made of canvassed rubber. Very good to excellent condition. Will send pics if requested. Asking 200 CDN for the one Jacket by itself and 350 CDN for...
  2. mover1

    VA's new commercial

    This is the first ad in VA's National Veterans Awareness Campaign. It features former Marine staff sergeant and Iraq War Veteran Robert Kugler. The campaign is intended to make Veterans aware of the VA benefits to which they may be entitled http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJneXGf5GAc It shows...
  3. mover1

    Anti Highway of Heroes Song by Brockville City council hopefull

    Check this great tune out . At the 54 second mark he states his anti war sentiments. "Why do we turn out killers into heros" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qMjYFSjTkk Leigh Bursey Remember to vote for him in this coming Brockville City Council Elections and word has it he is running for the...
  4. mover1

    Check out these fashonistas

    Anyone ever come across this. http://www.armynavydeals.com/asp/products.asp?ST=3&offset=192 I especially love the model for the 4 season combat jacket. or the wool commando sweater, My my personal fave is the garrison jacket,  hey Skid Row, you look deadly handsome in that camo garb. Real hard...
  5. mover1

    New Safety Boot - Problems?

    I was just issued with my new Cold Wet Weather Safety boot. It is a vast improvement from the old ones, and they are very comfortable. I have one problem with them though. When ever I walk the freakin things squeak. Its annoying and a bit embarrassing and I was wondering if anyone else is...
  6. mover1

    If it is written, then it's true. Toronto Star says new attack helicopters.

    LET THE SPECULATION AND WET DREAMS BEGIN ;D IDNUMBER  200706140165 PUBLICATION:  The Toronto Star DATE:  2007.06.14 EDITION:  Met SECTION:  News PAGE:  A19 BYLINE:  Bruce Campion-Smith SOURCE:  Toronto Star COPYRIGHT:  © 2007 Torstar Corporation WORD COUNT:  293...
  7. mover1

    Bad Language and the CF

    Some times the corporate culture and language really gives me a good laugh. Take the example below http://armyonline.kingston.mil.ca/LFDTS/143000440001420/Default.asp Armoured School Mission To support Army and Armour Corps readiness and modernization through the conduct of individual...
  8. mover1

    Weapons cache prompts probe; Military members under investigation

    Weapons cache prompts probe; Military members under investigation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two members of the Canadian military are under investigation after police seized a cache of firearms and other restricted weapons along with...
  9. mover1

    END of an ERA (the wedge)

    FYI No more wedge with Cadpat as of July 1st. CANFORGEN TO FOLLOW SHORTLY
  10. mover1

    The Great War On CBC..airing this weekend

    The Great War is airing on CBC for those of you who want a taste of it before it hits the T.V. You can find it on Youtube at....http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=cbcgreatwar There is two clips..one of the making and the other of the final product. If anyone has any questions just ask. I was...
  11. mover1

    DND Mail being destroyed (APRIL FOOLS')

    Did anyone see this in yesterdays paper? This crap made me so mad.... :threat: Undelivered Mail Piles up in Belleville CP- Robert Leblanc  2007-03-31 http://www.canadapost.ca/tools/pg/manual/PGcanforce-e.asp#1378601     Solders in Afghanistan may not receive all of their letters, a Canada Post...
  12. mover1

    Let's get rid of the Beret (or at least tell logistik unicorp theirs suck)

    OK So there I was pulling my beret out of my pocket and to my great surprise it was ripped right above the cap badge. Well now I am in a hum dinger of a situation. No headdress. I order from Logistic unicorp and I can never get one that fits properly. As well as the fact that the quality...
  13. mover1

    For Sale American Alice Pack will throw in my Jeep YJ with it

    Alice pack, barely used 3600.00 cdn Will throw in my 1992 red Jeep YJ 142000 km rebuilt engine with new tires 6 cylinder 5 speed manual transmission, MVI till OCT minimal rust I am in Nova Scotia PM me...... :)
  14. mover1

    Respect and Etiquette

    So I went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean Movie in New Minas yesterday. New Minas for those of you who don't know is near MTC Aldershot, and as we all know the summer training is in full swing for the reserves and cadets. where was I......oh yeah....I was at the show with my 10 year...
  15. mover1

    For Sale Large Alice pack

    For Sale Large Alice Pack. Like New condition 75 dollars CAD plus shipping handling.
  16. mover1

    And their faces went white.

    The MND just landed a few minutes ago. and something funny happend. The band was playing, flags were waving, the Airmen looked sharp on the honour guard. The Motor cade pulled up. The MND got in his car. ... ...it wouldn't start... ...The battery died... The wing commander's face went...
  17. mover1

    The Great War Project

    Hey all. It looks like I made the short list for "The Great War Project" I was wondering if anyone else has been notified? http://greatwar.ca/en/about.html
  18. mover1

    Keiths Beer Guy goes Regimental in the playground

    Keith's Actor Facing Child Pornography Charges Feb, 15 2006 - 7:20 PM The actor best known for his role as the angry Scotsman in the Alexander Keiths commercials is facing child pornography charges.     40 year old Robert Norman Smith is charged with two counts of possession of child...
  19. mover1

    Jujitsu moves foil teenager's attackers

    YOu guys have already seen this but I thought it was noteworthy......... :threat: http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/2006/01/31/jujitsu-teen060131.html Jujitsu moves foil teenager's attackers Last Updated Tue, 31 Jan 2006 10:16:41 EST CBC News Two would-be robbers tried to mess with the...
  20. mover1

    G.I. Joe prepared my generation for the war on terror.

    Hi   I just wanted to tell you about the newest conspiracy theory. One that I have just come up with.   Was Marvel Comics and the G.I Joe franchise preparing us for the war on terror. Think about it. Its 1983 after coming off of a Star Wars high.  Marvel comics try to persuade us into...