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  1. garb811

    Moved Thread

    For those who may be looking for a certain thread, it has been moved from public view while a discussion is had on what to do with it. If you posted in it and want to have input, please feel free to PM one of the DS and we will make sure your comments are taken into consideration. Same goes if...
  2. garb811

    Navy removes USS Theodore Roosevelt captain

    Although it was first mentioned in one of the COVID threads... Navy removes USS Theodore Roosevelt captain who spoke out about coronavirus response from his post I guess the message here is don't make the boss look bad, even if your sailors are being forced to continue to live in conditions...
  3. garb811

    Neil Peart dead at 67

    This loss of a Canadian musical icon. I was privileged to see them live a few times over the course of my life, I always wished I had taken the time to see them one more time before they retired. Rush drummer Neil Peart dead at 67 More at link.
  4. garb811

    Armored Brigade and Command: Modern Operations

    Any one try either of these out? Armored Brigade Command: Modern Operations Now that the malls are filled with Christmas carols, time for me to start pondering present possibilities...
  5. garb811

    Liberal Minority Government 2019 - ????

    In light of the PM's announcement he would not be seeking to form a coalition government post election, this thread is established for discussions related to the new minority Liberal Government.
  6. garb811

    Bombardier Patrick Labri Dies During Training Exercise in Bulgaria

    Canadian soldier dies during training exercise in Bulgaria More at link. RIP
  7. garb811

    MOVED: Experimental Aircraft

    This topic has been moved to Radio Chatter as there appears to be no nexus to the US Military. https://Army.ca/forums/threads/130577.0
  8. garb811

    Play video games for the US Army

    A bit of a dated article but I saw something on U.S Army W.T.F! moments that made me go looking. Not being a hockey player, this is the type of "scholarship" that I would have gone for in my younger years... All is not lost for the fitness folks though, they are also putting together a CrossFit...
  9. garb811

    The Man Behind Most of the Ski Maps in America

    I wish the article was longer and had more illustrations. Not sure about the rest of you skiers but I've always loved trail maps and even on mountains I've skied on for years I've always got one in my pocket somewhere... The Man Behind Most of the Ski Maps in America More at linky.
  10. garb811

    Armory heist ringleader sentenced

    Armory heist ringleader sentenced for stealing grenade launcher, machine guns, M16s & NVGs More at link but all I can say is...wow.
  11. garb811

    Liberals appoint a new veterans 'ombudsperson'

    Liberals appoint a new veterans 'ombudsperson' A bit more at link above.
  12. garb811

    Reminder - Decorum in Political Threads

    After a period of relative calm and keeping things above the belt within the political threads, there have been some instances where the DS have allowed a bit of a looser rein on the debates.  Unfortunately, the last couple of days have seen a regression towards some of the bad habits of the...
  13. garb811

    How much can a F2P Game earn?

    This is kinda absolutely nuts, it's like a license to print money if you have a hit. I play a few free to play games, and have dropped some real life money on them (who can resist that cute E 25?) but the amounts being talked about are staggering.
  14. garb811

    How not to respond to a hit and run...

    Look at me, I'm a...  :facepalm: At least the soundtrack was awesome.
  15. garb811

    MP History and Heritage

    The big old cat in the hat is still on the wall in 1 MP Pl lines, not everything of historical value ended up in someone's basement was lost on the move from Calgary to Edmonton. Can't wait to see what VCDS Gp starts churning out for all that juicy velcro space on the ICU and NCDs.  ::)...
  16. garb811

    So, the Sun is pretty huge, right?

    Stars Size Comparison Kind of puts the politics threads in perspective... 
  17. garb811

    3 questioned after gunshots reported at home at 12 Wing Shearwater

    Shared in accordance with the fair dealings provisions of the Copyright Act. 3 questioned after gunshots reported at home at 12 Wing Shearwater And Global Halifax Twitter feed.  With pictures.
  18. garb811

    Military Police Fund for Blind Children

    For those who aren't aware, the Military Police Fund for Blind Children (aka "The Blind Fund") is the official charity of the Military Police Branch.  The Fund, which is a registered charity, was started in 1957 by Col Jim Stone while he was the Canadian Army Provost Marshal and his daughter...
  19. garb811

    Military Police National Motorcycle Relay Ride

    Just wanted to bring to the attention of the Milnet.ca family that currently the 5th Annual MPNMRR is ongoing.  The ride started in Halifax on 6 Aug and will end up in Esquimalt on 25 Aug.  Over the years there have been a couple of different formats but this year they have gone back to the...
  20. garb811

    MP Service Dog Update

    Due to the other thread, a good time for an update on our MPSD I guess. Lahr is no longer in active service as his handler is on a French course. Vimy (Sheperd) is still active in Halifax, Roxie (Lab) is still active in Esquimalt. The current CFPM has publicly stated he will not be pushing a...