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  1. DonaldMcL

    A Canadian Airborne EW Capabiilty? Split from The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement

    402 still, IMHO, has it's place as it teaches the fundamentals of being aircrew. Their syllabus is being revamped to put it more in-line with the CP140 Block IV (and by extension the Cyclone) as we speak.
  2. DonaldMcL

    CP-140 Aurora

    I mean, we've only just been lucky it hasn't happened over the last year and bit.
  3. DonaldMcL

    CP-140 Aurora

    The flyaway cost of the P8 is actually now cheaper than the P1, and we can leverage the American training system much like the Aussies and Brits are doing for the short term. Support no matter where we go in the world as well. Not to start a fire, but the recent $2.1 Billion Trudeau asked for...
  4. DonaldMcL

    CP-140 Aurora

    ASW has changed drastically over the years (obviously). There's, at least IMHO, very little reason to bomb around low level anymore. P8s still can do it, but if you can do everything at 3-5000ft vice 3-500ft, why wouldn't you? For me it's a crew comfort type of thing, long flights are even...
  5. DonaldMcL

    CP-140 Aurora

    Oh god why? :)
  6. DonaldMcL

    VAC Settlement and Payout - Appeal

    Hey all, I received a payout of 5% early 2019, taken in a lump sum for a knee injury. To date my injury hasn't really gotten better, and I was never actually seen by a VAC approved doctor (just local MIR). Is this something I can appeal or have re-evaluated or am I stuck with my ill-informed...
  7. DonaldMcL

    Turkey wants to buy S-400 systems from Russia [Merged]

    Because Turkey can now test the F35 against Russia's newest missile threat directly. I assume those test results aren't going to stay secured and locked up deep within a military base in Turkey.
  8. DonaldMcL

    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    It's changed quite a bit over the past few years. But you can "average" about a 3 week stint every 3 months. Unless of course another OP Impact pops up.
  9. DonaldMcL

    Combat Boots policy 2018-CANFORGEN 127/18

    I think we'd fall into the Tier 2 category. Combats are also dress of the day for Aircrew. I can't wait to see brown boots around the Wing... looks so much better than black.
  10. DonaldMcL

    Red Air: "Canada Weighs Competing Bids For Airborne Training Services"

    Although I dunno if they're flying them yet, Top Aces/Discovery Air purchased some F16s.
  11. DonaldMcL

    Laptop and computery graphics card questions

    I have a VR headset myself and I wouldn't recommend anything under a 1070 personally. Even then the 1080 is the way to go. You'll be up for disappointment if an inferior video card, especially in a laptop. For the same price as the one you posted, Canex of all places has an ASUS with a 1070.
  12. DonaldMcL

    Victimization of Veterans

    He's being treated as someone who feel through the cracks and didn't get the treatment he required, not a victim. Your attitude absolutely disgusts me and you're actually part of the problem.
  13. DonaldMcL

    Victimization of Veterans

    We in the military, especially the combat arms, have a huge mental health issue that's not being addressed. Sure there's programs out there, but the stigma of getting help is still very real. This guy didn't get the help he obviously needed and that's a shame, we've lost two lives that obviously...
  14. DonaldMcL

    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    Stealth isn't "required" at this moment in time, but you can't predict the future. It's also no longer an "addon" feature. It's included in the price of the jet and doesn't add anymore cost. Sure you can still get manual windows in your vehicle, but you wouldn't say no to power windows if they...
  15. DonaldMcL

    Joshua Boyle/Caitlan Coleman, AFG hostages, 2012-2017

    It sounds like, at least to me, that he tried to join the Taliban and found out it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. At which point, he wasn't allowed to leave.
  16. DonaldMcL

    Joshua Boyle/Caitlan Coleman, AFG hostages, 2012-2017

    Something still seems really fishy with this story.
  17. DonaldMcL

    CP-140 Aurora

    Bombardier isn't ready to provide the replacement yet. It's not an election year.
  18. DonaldMcL

    Retro Pay & Allow 1Apr 2014 - 1Apr 2017

    PLD hasn't been discussed yet. Allowances other than the ones mentioned are just a straight 5% across the board.
  19. DonaldMcL

    Op ARTEMIS: Counter-terr/secur @ sea (merged)

    Apparently "Go West" had a song you might enjoy... King of Wishful Thinking.  ;D
  20. DonaldMcL

    RNZAF issues RFI for new transport, surveillance aircraft

    As we thought the Cyclone program was bad... I'd bet the farm that a big announcement will be made come election time in an attempt to win votes. Oh well, I'll long be retired by the time the next LRP/MPA shows up.