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  1. Shamrock

    Maple resolve 13

    Anyone else out there enemy for Maple Resolve?  I am and I'm presently at grid 123456. We should have a meetup!  I have a rover, so send me your grid and I will come visit. My position is super defensible right now, but we haven't finished it so we'd pretty much be fucked if someone were to...
  2. Shamrock

    Merry Christmas, Journeyman

    A friend of mine in Whoville wants to join the army you see. But he wants to ask, is recruiting for free. The jobs down in Whoville are really quite sparse and my friend wants a career that isn't a farce. The question he asks, he asks as a foreign citizen but can find no answers as they seem...
  3. Shamrock

    Leo 2 Tractor Pull

    No way the Gavin could do this: Leopard 2 ARV Tractor Pull
  4. Shamrock

    Nothing says I quit like...

    Cop tickets police cars for expired stickers on last day on job 6:58 AM EST, January 28, 2008 MIDDLETOWN, N.J. - A Middletown police officer spent his last day on the job writing tickets for 14 patrol cars that had expired inspection stickers. Cpl. Frank Holden says he was just doing his...
  5. Shamrock

    Home Purchases

    We bought a home in September of '06.  My wife came out for the HHT, and after she returned home, we placed a bid on a home we had agreed upon.  Because we were in seperate cities, a lot of the business required phone and fax interaction. Realtor contacted the wife to inform her that before our...
  6. Shamrock


    Been across a few news sites, but thought someone here would appreciate its discovery: Havidol.com
  7. Shamrock

    Civy training in and around Kingston

    My wife and I enjoy taking one or two "fun" courses a year, but we've recently moved to Kingston and don't know our way around.  This year, I'm hoping to take high speed driving or shooting training, but don't know where to find these places.  I realize I'll have to go into the States for the...
  8. Shamrock

    NIS/RCMP make drug bust at Shilo

    http://www.forces.gc.ca (Boilerplate) Two Charged With Drug Cultivation CFNIS (WR) 2006-06 - August 22, 2006 CFB SHILO, MAN. - After a joint investigation by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS) and the RCMP, with assistance of local military police, charges have been...
  9. Shamrock

    Entire Police Cadet Class Dismissed

    The article Guess they take that "be of good character" line seriously.
  10. Shamrock

    Rifleman as rank

    To help with the questions about Rifleman/Trooper/Sapper/Bomber/Whatever as a rank, I offer this. Rank in the CF are defined in QR&O Vol I 3.01 as fols: (2) An officer or non-commissioned member who, on or after the date this article comes into force (18 September 1986), holds a rank in the...
  11. Shamrock

    Entering Infanteer into our Lexicon

    After von Garvin's shocking revelation that [url=http://onelook.com/?w=infanteer&ls=a]infanteer isn't in any English dictionaries, I was mildly appalled.  So, I've taken it upon myself to add it to a few Wiki's, including Army.ca's.  Entering this neologism into larger dictionaries will take...
  12. Shamrock

    ASCII Fun

    [font=courier] Font has to be in courier for these to work   -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -             (__)            (__)            (__)            (__)             (oo)            (oo)            (oo)            (oo)     /-------\/-*   ...
  13. Shamrock

    Service Couples

    Can anyone direct me to the statutes dealing with married and service couples, specifically postings and employment?