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  1. SupersonicMax

    National Truck Driver Shortage

    So, apparently there is a national shortage of truck drivers. Some people are getting their load day cancelled! Anybody working within CMP/DCBA can offer up options for people? Often, the closing day is 2 days after the load day (after clean)!
  2. SupersonicMax

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Given the number of allegations of misconduct amongst the General Officer population, I figured it warranted its own thread. Here’s one more, this time, CMP...
  3. SupersonicMax

    Transport within place of duty

    I have a question about travelling within your place of duty. Let’s say you are employed at location X in city A and are regularly required to travel and work from location Y still in city A (not on TD: as part of your regular employment, about 2-3 times a week).  There is paid parking at both...
  4. SupersonicMax

    Liberals look to shorten MP's workweek to 4 days

    So, the Libs are looking to make the parliament more family friendly by cutting the work week to 4 days.  Really?! http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/politics/mps-family-friendly-1.3464459
  5. SupersonicMax

    Who should own CAS & why it can't be trusted to an Air Force (from A-10 retirement thread)

    In the end, I don't think who owns the aircraft makes a difference.  In the US and NATO doctrine, all air assets fall under the C/JFACC, regardless of the domestic affiliation.  It provides a better efficiency in how the assets are used and better coordination. CAS is only one of the missions...
  6. SupersonicMax

    Aircrew coping as well or better than regular soldiers"

    What about the distance between a sniper and its target?  Pilots can kill considerably more people in 1 pass than an infantryman may kill in a career, but they don't seem to be affected by it to the same level that someone in a front line ground unit does.  I think that being detached from the...
  7. SupersonicMax

    MPRR Update

    I am curious, when you complete a course, who is responsible to update your personal file with the completion of the course?  According to my MPRR, I haven't completed BOTC, Phase III, and Phase IV, but I have completed everything in between.  I remember, at least once, pointing out to an OR...
  8. SupersonicMax

    Discussion Regarding CFRCs

    Sorry for the slight highjack, mods, move or split if too much out of line.  I did not feel it warranted an other thread. Otis, You guys make a good job, but often, I feel like recruiters seems to give wrong information to potential candidates. I was at the Abbotsford Airshow last week end...
  9. SupersonicMax

    Hiking is Jasper - Need suggestions!

    I need suggestions as to where to hike in Jasper.  My loved one, the dog and I are going in Jasper for 4 days (14-18 Aug) and we'd like to have tips on where to hike in or around Jasper (an hour - hours and a half drive is okay).  We want to do 3 X 1-day hike.  It can be challenging, not a...
  10. SupersonicMax

    Is there a lawyer in the house?

    If there is a lawyer in the house (specifically specialized in Contracts would be amazing!), can you please PM me, I have a question! Thanks! Max
  11. SupersonicMax

    Quality of Life fund

    I tried a search (DIN, internet and here), but nothing came up. I've been told by multiple sources at my unit of the existence of a Quality Of Life (QOL) Fund for each unit that aims at improving QOL withing the Unit Lines.  Despite the multiple sources, nobody can find any solid reference to...
  12. SupersonicMax

    AF Blue Short Sleeve T-Shirts & Aircrew Long Jons

    Good evening everyone.  Can anyone working in a supply answer this? I've been trying to get new Air Force blue short sleeve t-shirts.  We need to wear these to fly and mine are getting really thin and some holes are appearing.  I could go out and buy some with my money, but I'm entitled to 5 a...
  13. SupersonicMax

    MIM-23 I-Hawk

    Good evening everyone.  I'm preparing a Recce Brief on the I-Hawk and although I have all the technical information I need, I'm looking for possible recce confusions.  I looked through our Recce List and I can't really find anything that looks like the I-Hawk (I considered the Chapparal and...
  14. SupersonicMax

    Circular Saw

    Good Day all.  I'm looking into buying a good Circular Saw.  I'll need it mostly for cutting wood but it may, in the future, be used for other purposes (ie:  cut through concrete) I think I narrowed my choice to 2 : 1- Makita 15A 2- DeWalt 15A Both are corded (I don't want battery powered...)...
  15. SupersonicMax

    Ground Vehicle Recce

    I've got a little question for army guys or air force guys for that matter.  What are the physical differences between the SA-10, SA-12A and the SA-20?  I can't seem to differenciate them on pictures.... Thanks!! Max
  16. SupersonicMax

    Discomfort, expectations of service - experience, training and the reality of war

    More importantly, you'll feel uncomfortable and extremely hot (in the actual meaning of hot)! Max
  17. SupersonicMax

    Moose Jaw!

    Hello everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that I got my Posting Message for the 26 Mar 07 with a course loading message for BFT 0703!  Can't wait to get there and start flying again!!!  Max
  18. SupersonicMax

    US Military Mail

    Hi.  Sorry if it has been covered but I didn't find anything about it on the forum and online.  I would like to know if a military in the US can send something to a canadian military in Canada (e.g.:  From a base in the States to a base in Canada).  If yes, what are the regulations for using it...
  19. SupersonicMax

    Moving is cheap?

    Moving is cheap for the CF?  It will cost them 35 000$ to move me from Kingston to Winnipeg next month... Max