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    We had a few issued to key positions in our unit but not enough for everyone and the ones issued some people have complained they are very uncomfortable. We are authorized by CoC to purchase our own masks but have colour restrictions to CADPAT, Black, OD Green or Tan/FDE. Who makes good...
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    FS: Sword Guards: Infantry Officer and Naval

    1 spare guard for an 1897 Infantry Officer sword with EIIR cypher, perfect replacement for any officers whose sword has been damaged or if the regiment's parade sword has seen better days. Guard was made by Wilkinson Sword so steel is much better than the thinner/cheaper design from WKC today...
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    FS: Infantry and Engineer Swords

    Hello I have two swords for sale: 1st is a 1897 Infantry pattern Sword  and steel scabbard made by Wilkinson in near mint condition perfect for most officers. $1200 2nd is a 1897 Royal Engineers sword (unknown maker) with leather scabbard from King George VI's reign more suitable for...
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    Pace Stick

    I'm looking to replace a pace stick for a friend whose pace stick was stolen. I see on William Scully there is a Racer/Competition stick and a Regulation Ceremonial that is more expensive - what is the difference, other than $150?  Also is it just preference between natural and black or is it...
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    Dry Pack/Dry Cover Recommendations

    Hello, I'm looking for a dry sack liner and/or cover for my 82 rucksack.  Anyone have any recommendations?  I really like the Sea To Summit brand for my civvie hiking gear but would prefer something in cam or drab which they don't offer. Thanks
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    Service Battalion Shooter(Drink)

    Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions for a layered shooter for our Christmas dinner.  Looking for Blue on top, Yellow in the middle and Red on the bottom.  The catch is no one in the unit wants me to use Grenadine (as the shots made in the past used it and are hated by...
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    Sword and Belt with DEU

    Hello I am a junior EME Officer.  Was wanting to order a sword, knot, buckle and belt from William Scully just had a couple questions.  In regards to the scabbard does it matter between the leather/stainless steel? In regards to the white belt does it matter between the CF Regulation sword...
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    Stay In Touch With Your Recruiter: My Story

    I normally try to avoid posting questions on the recruiting board as I could easily find my answers and I thought I really had everything together, as my exam and interview had went spectacular and everything was coming along.  To anyone going through the application process, I'd just like to...
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    EME Officer Reserve Unit Contact

    Hello I am currently living in Saskatoon and have thrown in my application to be a MARS officer but there is a chance that I may end up moving to Edmonton.  If I do move to Edmonton I would like to apply to be an EME Officer, just wondering which Reserve Units there can support the position so...
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    Questions from a Hopeful Reservist

    Hello everyone, just joined the forum.  A little background info about me.  I'm 25, am a mechanical engineer working for an engineering firm in Saskatoon.  I am really unhappy at my job right now and the idea of the reserves is very appealing to me.  After doing some research I really wanted to...