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    First 2A6M's Hit the Ground In Kandahar

    http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?t=118324 All the photo you want Article is en francaise Now, to see about a CT to the regs.....
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    A Problem

    Because Ive been asked what is was that happened Well I know im gonna catch all holy **** for admitting what I did and how bad ive Effed up here but I need a few opinions. On Nov 29 there ws an altercation at my house and i, along with two females was assaulted, being afraid for my life at this...
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    MOC-935 Closed ?!?!

    Is this common for MOC-935, MSEOp to be closed? i wanted to be either an MSE-Op or a Sig-Op and the only one open is Sigs... Any thoughts on this
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    Stupid Lack of Trades

    Well I was in the recruting office yesterday and I found out that my first two trade choices are closed (MOC 227 and MOC 935) and that i have to go with my Third Choice MOC 215-Sig Op. Now im fine with this but is it really true, My father was an MSE Op for 20 odd years and he said that in his...
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    Home Again

    A Summers Employment on the queens shilling has come to an end for me. Today I shipped out of Cold Lake and was done my summer of Staff Employment for CLACSTC and Im quite proud of myself in that i recieved mostly above averages and an outstanding on my PER. But another event happened at...
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    Greetings from 4 Wing Cold Lake Y‘All I‘m in my 4th week of my Staff Appointment at CLACSTC (Cold Lake Air Cadet Summer Training Center) and haven‘t managed to acces the intranet for a farking while. Well anyways an update i had my first taste of being funked in the ear by the brass when i was...
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    A Summers Farewell

    Well this is a Farewell for the summer. Today i applied for and was accepted at Flint Energy Services and was to start working in the mines in 2 days, however upon arriving home i recieved a call from (as seen on call display) "PRA DET EDM" I picked it up and Lo and Behold I am now a staff cadet...
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    This is a request, does anybody have a new, unformed Air Force Blue beret, Size 7 1/4 that they would be up to trading for a size 7 UN Blue Beret, any help would be great, my mom thought this was the correct beret that i needed for Cadets :mad: . The Beret i have is brand new, still in the...
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    PERs : All issues questions...2003-2019

    Im dropping this board a line as I have to do about 40 pers Evals. at my Sqn for next week :eek: to be in time for promotion selection boards. If anyone knows where to acquire these Personnel Evaluation Reports, that would be of great Help Cdt/Sgt.(Maybe soon a F/Sgt come thrus.) Dixon
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    Heres a nametag everyone should buy and give it to that "special" someone in your unit :blotto: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3205138553&category=25552 Dixon 55-22 Out
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    Re-Loading Rounds

    Does anyone know how safe it is to reload Military rounds? I reload as a hobby and because as a competition shooter :sniper: it helps make tighter groups but i wanted to know something. I recently aquired 400 hundred rounds of Canadian brass (IVI Casings) in a 50/0 mix of .303 Brit and...
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    "Canadian Army should take 2 yr Hiatus"

    this is from http://www2.alberta.com/news/fs.cfm?source_id=CP&id=1216833 Two-year hiatus urged Senators: bring Forces back home, do complete overhaul full image Canadian troops land on Towr Ghar in Tora Bora last May. (CP Archive/Stephen Thorne)--> OTTAWA (CP) - Canada should recall...
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    CAR Reunion

    has anyone heard any news about the possibility of an CAR Reunion in edmonton in the next year? Any info would be great Thanks Dixon
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    This is for anyone. I just got back from SIC, and i need to know how to tie a Lanyard, due to they never tought us this summer. If anyone knows how this would be great -Dixon
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    Im an SI, I want an ILTIS

    Hello All, I Just Came home as of yesterday and after Completing My Survival Instructors Course (Now Rated More Demanding than USAF SERE) I wanted to know, Where can i Buy an Iltis in Alberta? If Anyone knows or has any Questions about the SI course ill be happy to them Mustang 4 Out
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    Im Just trying to find out what Everyone here thinks of the New CADPAT Combats and there Canadian designed and Produced USMC Marpat Uniforms. If any one knows where a frozen bunch of Cadets could "Skillfully Aquire" some of these that would be great. :cdn:
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    Family in the Forces

    Im Looking aroun to see if anyone know any of the Members of the Dixon family in the forces. If anyone knows the following people a reply would be great. MCpl. Race Dixon Logistics/3Commando MWO. Lance Dixon, MSE/Ops (Rank Unk.) Raymond Dixon CWO. Andrea Dixon Any information,humor or Screwups...