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  1. hotei

    Searching for a CANARMYGEN

    Hey All -- Unfortunately I do not have access to the DWAN presently, however I am trying to locate the CANARMYGEN from 06/07 regarding an order to not mark call signs on vehicles. I know this is bizarre, but I have been asked by higher if I could try and find it (as he can't, and neither of us...
  2. hotei

    Lease Liability

    Hey folks! I have a quick question. I am due to be posted end May to Ottawa (from Kingston). I presently maintain a leased residence in Kingston with the lease expiry being end Aug 2011. From my (extremely limited) understanding of the IRP system, normally those three months remaining would...
  3. hotei

    FS Arc'Teryx LEAF Packs, OTTE Gear, OTW Shirt

    Pictures to follow in the coming days. Located in KINGSTON, ON Accepting CASH and CHEQUE. Up for sale are the following items. All are in MINT condition. Most of this stuff has only been used once or twice, and while I would love to keep it, I have other kit addictions that need priority. All...
  4. hotei

    My Own Personal Rant

    Alrighty -- first off, I want to apologize in advance if this is considered off topic (which will be really bad considering it is in the off topic forum, heh) but I wanted to get something off my chest. I consider myself a tolerant individual. The military is made up of a rainbow of talents...
  5. hotei

    WTB 64 Pattern Frame and/or Complete Ruck

    As the title says, lookin' for either a 64 pattern frame, or preferably the complete ruck (will accept any aftermarket bags). Willing to pay top dollar.
  6. hotei

    "Your file was refreshingly boring."

    I always knew I wasn't military material, I don't know how I knew it, or why I thought it, but that is a thought that has danced between my ears for years (and considering there ain't much between my ears -- you can be sure that is a thought that stood out). When I first had the spark of...