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  1. Dean22


    I didn't know where to put this so I decided to put it here. Feel free to move it. This is Dean22. I wanted to apologize to some of the people on this website for the ***hole I have been and for consistently straying outside of my lanes. I don't have more knowledge than 95% of the people on...
  2. Dean22

    Dean22 --> Hull.Down

    Name changed.
  3. Dean22

    Reserve Question (Co-op/Weekend Courses)

    Well the question was can you do co-op when your already finished high school? I have searched about co op on the site for a better part of an hour and didn't find anything. Due to somehow my file ending up "lost" between the 100m between CFRC and the reserve unit I have missed the opening for...
  4. Dean22

    My Application Story (Reserves)

    Backstory   Well, I had been thinking of the military since Grade 10 and joining it so I did years of thinking and research. I didn't have any real efforts to go into it until my first year in university where I saw the Canadian Forces booth at the university fair. I asked them some questions...