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  1. Disenchantedsailor

    WTB Arty Cap Badge

    Looking for an Artillery Officer Cap Badge in Victoria somewhere
  2. Disenchantedsailor

    Travel Re-imbursement for Nacomms whiles on CISN Courses

    This just out today, canforgen to follow after supper, NavComms who are, or have attended out sourced courses are now entitled to claim the difference in milage (if the milage is greater) up to a maximun of 5.5 Km per day. (if the out sourced institution is between home and the normal place of...
  3. Disenchantedsailor

    Royal Artillery Slow March

    Does anybody know where I can download it from?
  4. Disenchantedsailor

    Meet Col. Canyon, the country star

    Shared with all the usual disclaimers <http://www.cbc.ca/canada/nova-scotia/story/2008/01/10/george-canyon.html?ref=rss#skip300x250> <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fMoi7WAaHw&feature=related> George Canyon, the country singer who was named entertainer of the year three years running at the...
  5. Disenchantedsailor

    IAP For CFR's

    not sure if this is the right place for this one, Being on the most recent run of the back to back IAP/BOTP I'm wondering if anyone has the same perception that IAP for mbrs CFR'd with a few years under their belt (some with CD's) is a rather large waste of taxpayers money. In some cases these...
  6. Disenchantedsailor

    Beware Potential Phising Activity Targetting CF/DND users

    This released by DND CIRT today DNET users have recieved emails inviting then to join <www.forcebook.ca> this is a suspected phising activity and Military users are advised to disregard this unsolicted email and report incidents to thier base/wing information protection staff. This site has...
  7. Disenchantedsailor

    For Sale - Navy Mess kit

    I have a barathea Mess kit complete and a Doe Skin tunic, currently niether have any rank or braiding on them what so ever so may be used by officers and ncm's alike
  8. Disenchantedsailor

    Payroll deductions

    Hoping a pay clerk out there can shed some light for me. I'm just modfying my budget and trying to plan during my upcoming 4 months of TD in ST-Jean, will I end up paying QPP and claiming it back from the BC Govt at tax time or will my deductions stay static for the rest of the year based on...
  9. Disenchantedsailor

    WANTED: Old style sweater

    Good Day all, Looking for the old school wool sweater (I know itchy as hell, but great in the winter overtop thermals)
  10. Disenchantedsailor

    Weapon allowed on plane

    All the usual disclaimers Not only did he get past security, he got all the way to Ottawa. July 31, 2007 Weapon allowed on plane Security fails to stop man By BILL KAUFMANN, SUN MEDIA Passengers pass a sign at Calgary International Airport yesterday that is posted at the entrance of...
  11. Disenchantedsailor

    How to draw kit not held at your local bse

    Just CEOTP's ARTY and I'm headed off on a course that runs through winter that said clothing stores out here in Esquimalt doesn't quite have all the winter kit I need, if another place say Comox or Chiliwack had the kit could it be arranged to draw it from another location in the same part of...
  12. Disenchantedsailor

    Intruder halts jet takeoff

    Intruder halts jet takeoff Plane departing Calgary airport forced to stop at 190 km/h after man wanders onto runway By NADIA MOHARIB, SUN MEDIA Security was put to the test at the Calgary airport yesterday after eagle-eyed pilots spotted a man walking down the middle of a runway as a plane was...
  13. Disenchantedsailor

    Reg force offrs at reserve regiments

    I'm a newly appointed Ocdt and cleared into my bases Offrs mess, I'm being employed at a reserve arty regt (the only arty in town) would the mess ordinarily grant priviledges based on my mbrship at the local bases mess anybody know?
  14. Disenchantedsailor

    WTB Arty offr mess kit

    Chest 42 waist 33-34 hieght 5' 10" preferably overalls vice trousers also willing to talk about wellies
  15. Disenchantedsailor

    Probably answered

    This has probably been answered already but here goes. Dress inst say that when a MOC Qual mbr is appointed Ocdt the put up the hat badge of the new branch right away subject to any regimental/branch restrictions, the Reg SO's are a little ambiguous about this, any one know the branch policy on...
  16. Disenchantedsailor

    Anybody know how many ARTY officers they're looking for fy 06/07

    I know the year ends in 3 weeks, but I have a CEOTP app in for this year (board sat 1 March) and the posting/promotion msgs should be in this week sometime, a wee bit nervous I am, my marks from highschool a fair to midland and my service while not spotless isn't to deranged. Not to mention I...