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  1. nickinguelph

    Travel to St-Jean and Worried About The Via Strike *UPDATE*

    I am slated for the Aug 31st BMOQ and have been informed that my train leaves on Aug 30th for Montreal. Now my question is, has anyone who is set to travel to Montreal via train talked to their CFRC about alternate arrangements due to the VIA strike (if it is still on going at that point)? I am...
  2. nickinguelph

    SLT Course Dates

    Hi, I have been granted a slot in the August 31st BMOQ, and I was wondering if and when the SLT Course start dates were, if anyone knows at this point, just to give me an idea of if it will be right away or if I have some time off inbetween on OJT. Thanks for any help you can give! Cheers!
  3. nickinguelph

    Current LOG numbers

    Hi, I am in South Western Ontario, out of the Kitchener CFRC, I am currently entering in as DEO and am Merit Listed for Logistics.  I do know that the new intake numbers are going to be released with the new FY, however I am wondering if anyone knows how many spots are currently open for LOG (as...
  4. nickinguelph

    October Officer Selection Board

    Hey all, I am applying in for LOG Officer, and have been informed that I have scored very highly, and am very competitive for the selection process (tho I do know my chances are slim right now).  However my application was completed over the summer, but not in time for the August call, thus I...