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  1. Sapplicant

    Holiday Cheer 2011

    Something like this...
  2. Sapplicant

    New Game

    I just lost the game.
  3. Sapplicant

    Smoke'em if ya got'em.

    WARNING Smoking can cause just about anything bad you could possible imagine. Don't do it. Disclaimers aside, sound off on your poison of preference. (Brand, Strength, Size.) Export-A, Blue, Regular.
  4. Sapplicant

    Video of the shot that killed Bin Laden leaked!!!

    No words.
  5. Sapplicant

    Peculiar question.

    Searched, but to no avail. Have any of you heard of someone being found medically unfit due to poor penmanship?
  6. Sapplicant

    Help Please.

    A few years back, a friend of mine told me about a movie. Plot involves some cajun swamp-dwellers in Louisiana, and a unit of US soldiers on maneuvers. Some soldiers mess with the swampbillies, and have to face the consequences. Has anyone seen/heard of anything resembling this?
  7. Sapplicant

    CF Med Tech treats girl, 5, after severe multi-vehicle accident.

    Usual disclaimers. Article Link More at link. Tip of the hat to the soldier. Title alteration.
  8. Sapplicant

    Blame the victim, not the criminal.

    This is just PROFOUNDLY retarded. Perhaps a more fitting punishment would be to drag HIS ass behind a car for a while, instead of a "90-day jail sentence that could be served on weekends."
  9. Sapplicant

    What If?

    A good friend passed along a copy of a book titled "What If? Strategic Alternatives of WWII". Here is a handful of the many 'what ifs' posed: What if Hitler had recognized that the Western powers would fight? "" the germans had launched their main attack through Belgium instead of the...
  10. Sapplicant

    Liberal Youtube Campaign Video.

    GO GO GADGET PROPAGANDA LEGS!!! This is actually relevant because they're using the F-35 program as a lump of crap to fling at the Conservatives. Personally, I'm unaffiliated and undecided, but I did think that the video was cute. Especially since the jets in the video appear to be c/f-18's...
  11. Sapplicant


    What would you do, if you were king for a day? Laws you want to change? People you want to meet? Places to go? Policies you want to implement? Pretty much anything goes, because YOU, my friend, have been appointed king for a day. At least TRY to keep your sticks on the ice.
  12. Sapplicant

    IIHF WJC, Canada vs. USA, Semi-Final Game.

    Here we go. Beer's chilled, nachos are in the oven. Anyone got a feeling this one's going to OT? Personally, I'm skeptical of Canada's ability to handle what the US has to offer, and I think we'll be playing Sweden for the Bronze. OMM NOM NOM NOM... Mmmm, those words tasted like a pizza made...
  13. Sapplicant

    US Dismantling the B53

    US to Dismantle Some of its Oldest Bombs 9Mt blast. Looked something like this: Unexploded, still looked like a beast: Could completely level an area within a 3.5 mile radius. Severely mess up anyone within about 18 miles. The fireball alone would be about 3 miles in diameter.
  14. Sapplicant

    Ivory Coast November 2010 Election

    Gbagbo doesn't want to see any blue helmets.
  15. Sapplicant

    Closing the Wealth Gap.

    Reading things like this really gives legs to the belief that the greedy are a dying breed. Hopefully many, many more will follow in their footsteps. Luckily, the Saudi Royal family is already obliged by the Koran.  ;D
  16. Sapplicant

    Christmas Blessing

    I hear Christmas in the schools, when children sing and play I hear it in their laughter, that brightens up my day I see Christmas in the little girl who gave her cabbage patch doll To a lonely poor little lass, who had no gift at all. I hear Christmas in the lovely bells that ring on Christmas...
  17. Sapplicant

    Former Volunteer Firefighters Charged with Arson in NB Town

    It's a damn shame, really.  >:(
  18. Sapplicant

    Police in Brazil Prepare to Battle Gangs.

    They're taking back the slums. I wonder if they're going to try to turn it into an athletes village for the 2016 Games.  ::)
  19. Sapplicant

    DND Video Game Order

    DND is ordering hundreds of video games, even one that apparently helps with combat preparedness. That, and 'Gears of War' is the most popular amongst the troops. Anyone else have any info on this?