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  1. formerarmybrat23

    Pte Brat ---------------> Cpl Brat

    no known as Cpl Brat......thank you CoC for the advance!
  2. formerarmybrat23

    WANTED: CR , and Claims handouts

    if anyone knows where i can find the QL3 RMS clk handouts for CR and Claims, or can even get a hold of the powerpoints i would be so grateful.  I threw mine out when i was cleaning my desk after course and have been kicking myself since thanks!
  3. formerarmybrat23

    Scientists hail ‘frozen smoke’ as material that will change world

    Scientists hail ‘frozen smoke’ as material that will change world http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/science/article2284349.ece
  4. formerarmybrat23

    BMQ October 2007 - ALL locations

    The title sums it up. Hoping to chat with anyone heading out October 1st. My flight is supposed to be sept 29th or 30th but offical start date is the 1st. Getting to know anyone before leaving would be a big anxiety relief. I am also in the sydney area if anyone wants to hang out before. so...
  5. formerarmybrat23

    Labels to spell out Aquafina source: tap water

    http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20070727/aquafina_water_070727/20070727?hub=CTVNewsAt11 A little P.O'd that when i buy a water I have essentially paid for it twice. Once for home use and once to be bottled all fancy. I do buy bottled water, only for convience. I cant stand...
  6. formerarmybrat23

    remember this when you go for a jog

    My father told me a funny story the other day I thought it was good to share. Here it is: My father was practicing his PT the other day. He was running a walking trail behind some houses. He was passing one with three young guys (late teens/early twenties) mowing a lawn, and he noticed that...
  7. formerarmybrat23

    Legal loophole will let stores open their doors Canada Day

    Retail employees get the short end of the stick again! What will they take from us next Christmas Day? Government as well and businesses should be ashamed of themselves. Nothing seems more important then the almighty dollar now a days. >:(
  8. formerarmybrat23

    Warning! Potentially-contaminated chocolate may be on store shelves

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - 09:47 PM By: 680News staff http://680news.com/news/local/article.jsp?content=20070612_214744_5460 Toronto - Toronto police issued a public safety alert on Tuesday, fearing some potentially-contaminated chocolate destined for disposal in Toronto may have made it onto...
  9. formerarmybrat23

    Student takes grenade to class

    Student takes grenade to class TheCanadian Press Published Wednesday June 13th, 2007 Appeared on page A4 http://www.canadaeast.com/ce2/docroot/article.php?articleID=11047 A Dieppe middle school class got a scare Tuesday afternoon when a student pulled out a hand grenade during show-and-tell...
  10. formerarmybrat23

    Canada puts rush order on Hercules aircraft

    Canadian Press Published Monday June 11th, 2007 Appeared on page A1 http://www.canadaeast.com/ce2/docroot/article.php?articleID=9657 National Defence wants to jump the queue once again to get faster delivery of new Hercules tactical-lift aircraft and has formally asked the Pentagon if it can...
  11. formerarmybrat23

    If it came down to it, could you do this?

    Man pinned under tree cuts off leg with knives    :o Associated Press Published Thursday June 7th, 2007 Appeared on page A2 http://www.canadaeast.com/ce2/docroot/article.php?articleID=7466 Alone in the woods with his left leg pinned beneath a fallen tree for 11 hours, a 66-year-old man...
  12. formerarmybrat23

    Soldier tells his story-Capt. Michael Reekie

    By SHEENA JACKSON Abbotsford News http://www.abbynews.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=38&cat=23&id=998426&more=0 Jun 05 2007 It was late in the afternoon of Aug. 19, 2005 – Independence Day in Afghanistan. Capt. Michael Reekie, 26, from Abbotsford was deployed with the Alpha Company, 1st...
  13. formerarmybrat23

    Soldier fights addiction to medication

    MICHAEL STAPLES staples.michael@dailygleaner.com Published Tuesday June 5th, 2007 Appeared on page A1 http://www.canadaeast.com/ce2/docroot/article.php?articleID=5987 A former Fredericton man is slowly winning a battle against pain medication, a year after being seriously wounded in a bomb...
  14. formerarmybrat23

    Jestin to trade in fatigues

    Jestin to trade in fatigues MICHAEL STAPLES staples.michael@dailygleaner.com Published Monday June 4th, 2007 Appeared on page A1 http://www.canadaeast.com/ce2/docroot/article.php?articleID=155059 The commander of Canadian Forces Base Gagetown is trading his army greens for a life in the...
  15. formerarmybrat23

    Landlord evicting military family shifts blame

    Landlord evicting military family shifts blame By GLENN KAUTH, SPECIAL TO SUN MEDIA From the Edmonton Sun http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Edmonton/2007/06/03/4230394-sun.html     A landlord who is evicting a local soldier and his family says it's the military's job to make sure its troops...
  16. formerarmybrat23

    12 N.B. veterans honoured by France

    taken from cbc.ca http://www.cbc.ca/canada/new-brunswick/story/2007/05/31/nb-vetshonoured.html France has honoured 12 Second World War veterans from New Brunswick with an award from its highest national order. France's ambassador to Canada, Daniel Jouanneau, was in Fredericton Wednesday to...
  17. formerarmybrat23

    Formerarmybrat23s story: Just say "no" kids!

    Hello I'm sure everyone or atleast the regulars on here know my story. I just wanted to tell it anyway. I am convinced that if not told right I may be painted as an impatient experimenter. My story starts back in 2004. I had just finished college and was a little confused where to go next...