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  1. nickinguelph

    Dates for LogO phase 3 ?

    Hey guys and gals, I figured I would post in this topic instead of starting a new thread.  Does anyone know when (or if it is) the 2010 training schedule will be released? I have been loaded onto the upcomming CAP course starting on 25 Jan, and I am curious to see if there will be a possibility...
  2. nickinguelph

    August 2009 BMOQ

    Grats on the call! One week to go.  See you all in St-Jean! Nick
  3. nickinguelph

    Travel experience in 10 years on the DND application form

    My Pre-Sec took 2.5+ years to go through, however, I lived out of the country for 2 years, and then travelled to all those nice quaint countries, like China, Viet Nam, Cambodia, etc...
  4. nickinguelph

    Travel to St-Jean and Worried About The Via Strike *UPDATE*

    Thanks Roy! I will definitely post what information I receive from my CFRC on Monday. Cheers! Nick
  5. nickinguelph

    Travel to St-Jean and Worried About The Via Strike *UPDATE*

    I am slated for the Aug 31st BMOQ and have been informed that my train leaves on Aug 30th for Montreal. Now my question is, has anyone who is set to travel to Montreal via train talked to their CFRC about alternate arrangements due to the VIA strike (if it is still on going at that point)? I am...
  6. nickinguelph

    Application Process (Completed-Officers)

    Sorry for the repost, I figured I may as well post my info under this thread as it is primarily for Officer Cadets, and I would like to share ;) As for my workout routine, strength training 3 days a week (core circuit training, approx. 2hrs), and running 5 days a week (4 @ 5km, and 1 @ 10km)...
  7. nickinguelph

    Shooting...left eye dominant yet right handed

    LOL Never thought much about this, till I read this thread, and oh boy I am a mutant too!  Right handed, shoot rifles left handed and pistols right....  I am such a weirdo!
  8. nickinguelph

    Application Process (Completed-Officers)

    Righton, I am also slated for August 31st, DEO LOG, i have already posted my process sample, but it took forever, and I mean that seriously..lol
  9. nickinguelph

    All things LASIK surgery (aircrew/other -- merged)

    Well, unfortunately the original information that was given to me was not for Air Crew Status.  The waiting period after laser eye surgery for Aircrew is 6 months, and Medical will not even consider it sooner. Originally I was under the assumption that I could have my vision re-evaluated within...
  10. nickinguelph

    Revamped Bison repair vehicle delivered to CF

    Nice to see this happening :) Though, what a small world, the MWO quoted in the article is my ex-brother in-law... lol!
  11. nickinguelph

    August 2009 BMOQ

    Well, I went into the Recruiting Centre yesterday, and talked to one of the Captains as my file manager is out on course.  I will be receiving my info package sometime in July, then with the swearing in sometime around the beginning of August.  I was told that they aren`t really in a rush to do...
  12. nickinguelph

    August 2009 BMOQ

    Thanks Logairoff, Yeah, I haven't been asked about any preferences regarding the swearing in, storage and/or getting there.  The only thing that my file manager told me was that they will be contacting me this summer. I think I will be making a drive to the CFRC tomorrow, and see if I can't get...
  13. nickinguelph

    Shin Splints, Blisters, and PT [Merged]

    Training properly is always key.  As I am an avid running, and at the gym 5 days a week, running every day, what I find works is a good warm up, for me it's a 5 min fast paced walk, a warm up stretch (calves, quads, hamstrings, knees, and shins -rotating your foot in an up to down circle...
  14. nickinguelph

    August 2009 BMOQ

    Just wondcrering if anyone has been offered a spot in the Aug 31st BMOQ from the Kitchener CFRC?  If so, have you received any information regarding the swearing in ceremony, and or any information sent out from the CFRC in regards to BMOQ? I do know that it is still 3 months off, just getting...
  15. nickinguelph

    Head Shaving/BMQ (merged)

    Well that does make sense... oh well, glad that I have my own set of clippers...and no i do not use a razor, gets too expensive lol.
  16. nickinguelph

    Head Shaving/BMQ (merged)

    Well I am slated for the August 31st BMOQ, and I have been sporting the bald look for quite sometime now.  Just to let you know, I did not originally wish to do so, lol, however thanks to genetics the choice was made for me.  I figured being bald looks a heck of a lot better than balding... I...
  17. nickinguelph

    File transfer between CFRCs

    I have moved twice since I started my application, from Ottawa to Thompson, MB, then to Guelph. It is as easy as going in and getting them to transfer your file, usually takes a couple weeks or so.  I went into the CFRC after I moved, so maybe going in before would probably resolve any...
  18. nickinguelph

    How long did you give it some thought before enlisting?

    Since I was 6 :) Grew up on base, between CFB Chatham, and Petawawa, and ever since everytime I have seen someone in uniform it lit the fire for me to join.
  19. nickinguelph

    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    Hi, I am loaded into the Aug 31 BMOQ, going Reg Force, DEO Log-O, just curious where DEO stands for OCdt, is it Level A or B.  I am married, with a son and own a home. I don t particularly care which, just would make it easier for budgeting between now and then.  Thanks for the info and help! ...
  20. nickinguelph

    September 2009 BMOQ !!!

    I am going in for Log-O and I have been loaded into the Aug 31st course, got the call end of March-beginning of April.  I think the loading is dependant on where you stand with your CFRC and how high up the merit list you are. November weather in that area stinks, lots of rain, freezing rain...